Can depression be treated without drugs? Learn how to heal depression naturally

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Depression treatment without drugs

Depression is always associated with feelings of helplessness, lack of control of ones life and loss of hope. A depressed person usually seeks the help of others because of believing that he can’t do anything to help himself.

Shortly after being in this state the person starts to further convince himself that he is helpless by forming beliefs such as "Life is unfair", "There is no way out" or even "God doesn’t want to help me"

This kind of self deception works well because the person attributes his problems to external factors that are out of his hands and so believes that he can't do anything else to help himself. (See How to be in control of your life).

The problem with depression medication and drugs

One of the most important roles of a therapist in treating a depressed patient is to give him back this lost control in order for him to believe that he can help himself and that he is not a victim.

The problem with medication is that it helps the person feel like a victim even more because it attributes his depression problem to the chemical imbalance in his brain. After all, if you are feeling bad because of a chemical imbalance that resulted from your genes then there is nothing you can do to help yourself, right??

This is why depression medication doesn’t work in many cases. Believing that you are a victim because of chemical changes that happen in your brain will prevent you from taking actions to help yourself and so you will remain depressed.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how people focus on the chemical imbalance that happens without focusing on the main reasons that caused this imbalance. In order to treat depression without drugs the root cause must be found and then dealt with.

You are in control

Life is not unfair. but this is just a false belief that you have acquired about it in order to protect yourself from admitting that you tried to help yourself and failed. (See Is life really unfair?).

If you want to get rid of depression then first you must believe that you are in control by being brave enough to face the lies and the false beliefs you formed about yourself and life.

Once you feel that you have control over your life once again you can then start finding out the reasons that made you depressed so that you can change them. It might be a job loss, an unfulfilled dream, a terrible breakup or even accumulated guilt.

In all of these cases there are lots of actions that can be taken to reverse their effect but you will never be able to take any action before you understand that you are in control!!

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