Emotional attachment to stuff

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotional attachment to stuff

Why do so people become strongly attached to certain brands?
Why do some people develop emotional attachment towards food?
Why would someone want something badly?

When you feel thirsty most likely you wont find any problem in finding pure water within few minutes and thus you will be able to quench your thirst.

Now suppose that your body needed water 24/7 wont you linger for water whenever you are away from it? That's exactly how psychological needs affect people. As long as the need is unmet they become attached to everything that can help them meet it.

Psychological needs and emotional attachment

A showy guy might fall in love with a very beautiful woman not because he wants her but because he wants to show off using her. For some people that might sound strange but for a psychologist it sounds like a normal way of compensation.

Sometimes we get attached to people not because we need them but because they help us meet our psychological needs. Some people become attached to others because they make them feel worthy, others become attached to some people because they provide them with intimacy and a third group might become attached to others just to show off!!

How to get over anyone in few days i said that the only way to get over a person is to first find why you were attached to him then work on satisfying that psychological need that caused the attachment using a different method.

Some people become attached to food and become obese not because they love food but because food helps their bodies release certain hormones that helps them cope with stress and depression.

Some people become attached to certain brands because these brands help them appear worthy in front of others and not because they love the brand itself.

We get attached to things and stuff because they help us meet our psychological needs, but unlike physical needs which can be met once every few hours psychological needs are there 24/7.

Healthy attachment and unhealthy attachment

If you are attached to your friends because they prevent you from feeling lonely then that's a healthy attachment but if you were attached to food because it helps you escape from your bad moods then that's an unhealthy attachment.

As a general rule, unhealthy attachments are the ones that are developed in order to cover the real problem instead of helping you face it.

A healthy attachment on the other hand is a the one that is developed in order to help you fix the problem directly.

List the objects and the things that you are attached to then work on replacing the unhealthy attachments with healthy ones so that you can live a better life.

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