A real working solution for worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I know you are tired of nonsense

I know that you are extremely tired of the nonsense you get told everywhere.
I personally suffered from chronic worrying for many years. And any person who experienced worrying for some time knows that all the nonsense advice such as set time for worrying, embrace uncertainty, just tell your mind to stop and almost everything else that people say never works. See Those methods will never help you stop worrying.

I am 100% sure that you tried all of those methods and never got any kind of relief simply because most of those advice don't tell people how to end the worrying problem but they just ask them to bury it deep in their subconscious minds.

When i talked about the source of emotions in a previous article i said that no emotion happens for no reason especially if it was too strong. Once you try to push a strong emotion ,such as intense worrying, to the back of your mind it will come back at you with an even stronger intensity.

Why you can't just ignore your worries

In my previous articles How to stop worrying immediately & Thinking strategies that lead to worrying i explained how worrying happens when you get overly concerned about a bad possibility that might happen.

In such a case it would make no difference whether this bad event is highly possible or whether it's very less likely to happen because as long as there is a slim chance that it happens , even if it was 1%, then you will become extremely worried.

Most of the advice people give in order to end worrying follow the same concept of convincing yourself that the chance that thing you are afraid of happens is very slim. However this doesn't make any difference for the worried subconscious mind. If there is a 0.0001% possibility that something bad happens then the Chronic worrier will still be extremely worried. See also What is the purpose of worrying.

A real working solution for worrying

In order to end worrying you need to reach a resolution instead of denying the worries.

The worries exist and the threats are real. You already know that. So no matter what you try to do to deny them you will never succeed. See Why worrying is not pointless.

Instead you have to learn how to reach a resolution. Let me explain what does this mean.

Let's suppose that i am always worried that i might lose my day job.
In such a case being prepared for this possibility, knowing what i am going to do if it ever happened and having a backup plan is a guaranteed way to end worrying for good.

In such a case you have reached a resolution by showing your mind that you are going to be fine in case this bad possibility happened. See also The ultimate solution to end worrying.

There are too many different ways of reaching a resolution or coming at peace with your mind. If you are extremely attached to something for example then learning how to become much less attached to it can help you reach this resolution. See How attachment leads to worrying

The reason it's called a resolution is that you come to a final conclusion about the worry that makes you live in peace with that bad possibility. This has nothing to do with the "accepting uncertainty" advice for in such a case we are planing for a certain bad outcome and becoming OK with it instead of assuming that it's uncertain or less likely to happen.

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