Can an alpha male be short

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Yes he can

Can an alpha male be short or does he have to be really big and huge?

Most of the people who ask that question have the false belief that a man's size determines his level of dominance. Of course there is no doubt that the size advantage can make a man look more threatening and dominant but this isn't the full story.

Dominance is a trait connected to many behavioral patterns of a person in addition to his looks. In other words the person who displays a certain behaviour will be seen as a dominant male even if he isn't the biggest man out there.

For example a bold and assertive man will always seem dominant even if he wasn't very tall. What you need to know here is that human perception gets affected by so many factors that sometimes a single factor loses its significance.

So let's assume that there are 10 things that a man must do in order to appear dominant. In such a case doing 8 of those 10 things will make a man seem dominant even if he didn't do those 2 at all.

The same goes for height. While height can give a person an additional advantage when it comes to looking dominant still it can be completely ignored if some other factors were present. See also why some women prefer short men.

Facial features are more important than height

A person with dominant facial features and short height will look more dominant than a tall person with less dominant facial features.

A big jaw, a square face, angled brows, a broad face, a large nose and a sharp looking eye are all examples of features that can make a person look more dominant even if he was short. See why an angry face makes a person more attractive

I am pretty sure you can now recall a person who has a dominant looking face and who isn't that tall. The problem here is that you are looking at the world from your angle since you are concerned about your own height.

In my previous article How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception i said that we see the world from our own unique angle and that others don't see the world the way we see it.

You think of height constantly because you think you are not tall but a tall person won't be focused on your height as much as he will be focused on the things he believes he lacks.

I said the same thing in Solid Self confidence program. While you are concerned about the things you lack people will also be concerned about the things they lack.

Your perception will be affected in such a way that you will give a big weight to height while others will be giving weight to other things just because they lack them.

Personality overrides all

Even if you think you don't have a dominant looking face you can still appear very dominant to others by just changing your behavior.

A great part of dominance comes from self confidence, boldness, assertiveness and charisma.

Now contrary so some common beliefs all of those things are just personality traits that can be learned and mastered. If you want to become more dominant then all what you have to do is to work on those traits until you master them.

When that happens most people will consider you a dominant person with disregard to your height or looks.

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