Can an alpha male be shy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes Shyness

So many people get shyness wrong by thinking that it's a form of politeness or a normal behaviour whereas it's one kind of self inhibition.

A shy person doesn't chose to remain silent because they want to be polite but they do it because they are afraid to talk or to be themselves around the people they don't know well.

I said earlier that there are many possible causes for shyness including fear of rejection, perfectionism, inferiority feelings in addition to other factors.

All of those factors result in self inhibiting thoughts that prevents the person from talking freely or being themselves. While a part of that person would want to interact with others the other part would keep discouraging them so that they remain silent.

Why an Alpha male can't be shy

While an Alpha male can be a loner or an introvert they can hardly be shy. For a person to become an alpha male they need a great deal of confidence and this kind of confidence can hardly co-exist with shyness.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that confident people are the ones why are not by any means self inhibited. A self inhibited person is the person who gets inhibited by their own negative thoughts during social interactions in such a way that they fail to perform well in those social situations.

An alpha male on the other hand is a person who has a great deal of confidence that allows them to lead others.

An alpha is the leader of the pack or the one people look up to for guidance. A shy person is usually a silent or less talkative person whose presence can hardly be felt. One of the common things between most alpha males is their strong presence or their charisma which is something that totally goes against shyness.

According to one study people found that the person who spoke the most was the one who seemed like the leader of the pack. With their prolonged silence shy people can hardly seem like alpha males.

The Alpha male doesn't have to be talkative

In spite of the previous study there are still many examples of Alpha males who don't talk much. While talking more can certainly help still there are many other dimensions for being an Alpha male that don't involve talking.

The important question you need to ask yourself in here is : Why don't i talk?
If you are not talking because you are not feeling like it then there is nothing wrong with you but if you are not talking because you are afraid to talk then you might be suffering from a shyness problem that needs treatment.

When asking yourself such a question you need to be very aware of the self deception tricks your mind can play. Long ago , in my teen-hood, i was a very shy person. When my friends used to ask me why i don't talk much i used to give the excuse of wanting to be polite.

I was of course trying to deceive myself into believing that i don't have a problem where as i had a serious one. Don't worry shyness is one of the easy problems to treat and by doing things right you can get over it in no time.

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