Can self confidence be learned

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can self confidence be learned?

If you are asking this question then probably you have a wrong understanding of what self confidence is all about. Did you ever ask yourself why some people are confident while some others are not?

The way we were raised and the way we interacted with our environments allowed us to have the level of confidence we have right now. That super confident person you see is a just a person who was fortunate enough to be raised in a way that made him confident in himself and his abilities. See Why my self esteem is so low.

The one with low confidence on the other hand is the one who was raised in a way that made him think that something is wrong with him. Do you know what does this mean?

It means that any person can learn to become self confident once he unlearns the negative beliefs he learned in his childhood or as he interacted with life.

Learning to become confident

Now that you know that self confidence has nothing to do with genes you are ready to learn how to become confident.

The first step in this process is finding out what you have learned so far. The reason i said this is that in most cases lack of self confidence results from learning the wrong things about yourself.

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that if you believed , for any reason, that you are not that worthy then probably you will live with low self esteem until you change that belief.

That's the first type of lack of self confidence and it can be cured easily once you learn to unlearn the wrong beliefs.

The second type of lack of confidence is the type that results from never learning to trust yourself. In such a case avoiding challenging tasks and evading life problems results in depriving yourself of the needed skills that would make you confident.

Every normal person feels a little lack of confidence during first experiences. If you chose to run away from your fears then probably your skills will lag behind and you will never trust yourself. This kind of pattern results in the kind of lack of confidence i just described. See How to learn any skill

It's possible to become confident at any age

One of the false beliefs many people have about self confidence is that it's connected to age but that's not true. Self confidence can be learned at any age no matter who you are or where you come from.

As long as your brain has the capacity to learn , which is something that is always there, you have the chance to learn how to become confident.

It's not about what you have right now, it's not about how you look like or how rich you are but it's all about learning to see the world the right way.

When you learn how to fix your beliefs, when you learn how to correct your perception and when you learn how to build new healthy beliefs then certainly you will become a confident person.

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