Can someone like you and not show it

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people hide their emotions

Can someone like you and not show it?
And if that's the case then why would anyone do that?
Wouldn't it make sense that the person who likes you tell you about their emotions?

While the person who likes will certainly be motivated to tell you about their emotions still other psychological factors might hold this person back. Here are examples of those factors:

  • 1) Big Ego: If a person has a big Ego then they won't want to tell the ones they like about their emotions. The ego in such a case prevents the person from taking any action unless they see clear signs that encourage them to proceed. See How to spot egoistic people
  • 2) Fear of rejection: If a person is too afraid of rejection then they might decide not to reveal their emotions to others. In such a case even though the person wants to tell you that they like you their fear of rejection will hold them back
  • 3) They are cautious people: Cautious people always proceed with care and they hardly expose their emotions before they make sure that they are doing the right thing. If a cautious person had doubts that you like them then they might not reveal their emotions to you.
  • 4) They are unsure of their own emotions: If a person likes someone but are unsure of their own emotions then they might not tell you about their emotions. In such a case the person might hold back until the right feelings comes. See Should you be with someone who is confused about the relationship.
  • 5) Fear of commitment: Commitment phoebes usually have a hard time expressing their emotions. While one force pushes those people to express their emotions another force , which is fear, pulls them back. See How to change a commitment phoebe.

How can you motivate those people to express their emotions?

In many cases all what those people need is some kind of encouragement. This encouragement can be in the form of nice treatment from your side.

If you are being hot and cold or if you are not being that friendly then a person who is already scared might become more scared. In such a case you need to encourage that person so that they can take the right action.

Note hat you don't need to expose yourself to let someone talk about their emotions but you just need to be more encouraging. See also Why do i feel ashamed to express my emotions.

How to know if someone likes you

Please use this information wisely. If you are interested in a long term relationship then certainly feel free to do whatever you want but if you want to play around then please skip this section.

The good news i have for you is that even when someone hides their emotions they can still be read through their body language. In my book How to know if someone likes you in 30 minutes i said that even though people can consciously hide their emotions and intentions their subconscious minds still reveal what's going on inside their heads.

A person can consciously say what they want but they can't control their unconscious impulses unless they are trained professionals. In other words you can read the person who likes you and know exactly about their real emotions.

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