Can someone like you even if they are in a relationship

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How love works

So many people get very confused when they find someone who seems to be interested in them but who is in the same time in a relationship.

In my previous article What is a love map i said that people fall in love with the ones who match most of the items in their love maps. In other words when you meet a person who matches so many items of your unconscious love map you will find them very attractive.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that this whole process happens on the unconscious level and this is why most people don't really understand why they are getting attracted to others.

This is also the reason why many people believe that love is blind and that love is a magical thing that can't be understood. In fact it's their lack of knowledge about psychology that makes love seem that mysterious to them. See Is love really blind & Does love come from the heart or the brain.

Getting attracted to someone while you are not single

I once got a message from a person who was worried that their attraction towards others might be considered cheating because they are in a relationship.

Of course if you started dating someone else or talking to someone , with the intention of dating them, while you are in a relationship then you might be cheating.

The normal attraction towards others however ,that is not accompanied by actions, is a totally normal thing. When you see someone who matches some items in your love map you are certainly going to find them attractive even though you are in a relationship. See Does love have anything to do with logic.

Whether you are happily married or still single your subconscious mind will always be looking for people who match your love map simply because that's the way it was designed to work.

People who get confused by this concept the most are the ones who believe in "the one" concept which is a false belief that states each person can only truly fall in love with just one soul mate. See 10 ways to get over a breakup fast

Yes the person you are with matches many of the items in your love map but this doesn't mean that so many others can't match the same map or even match more items. See also Why friendship with the opposite gender can get you emotionally involved.

Can someone like you even if they are in a relationship

Now that understand all of those concepts it's time to answer your question. Yes certainly a person can like you while they are in a relationship. Here are the possible reasons behind that:

  • 1) You match the items in their love map: If you match many items in a person's love map then certainly they will find you attractive and this doesn't make them cheaters. As long as that person didn't try to peruse you then they can't be considered cheaters
  • 2) You match more items than their partners: Let's suppose that a person had 100 conditions in their love map and that their current partner only matches 65 ones. If you matched 75 items in the person's love map then their attraction to you will be more than their attraction towards their partners
  • 3) They are not happy with their relationship: If the person is not happy with their current relationship then they might try to find a way out by talking to the people they find interesting. See also What do i really want from a relationship

From an ethical point of view you should block the contact between you and the person who seems to like you until you know that they got separated from their partners.

Also note that if the person didn't feel bad about trying to pursue you while they are in a relationship then they might do the same exact thing when they are in a relationship with you.

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