Do women find men with glasses attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people have types

The biggest mistake many people do when they try to understand the psychology of others is assuming that all people have the same preferences when it comes to physical attraction.

While there are universal things that appeal to almost all humans , such as facial symmetry for example, still what determines the things a person finds attractive depends greatly on their background, beliefs, past experiences and values. See also Physical attraction psychology.

This means that what one person might find attractive might be very different than what another person finds attractive. This is also another reason why some people have types or special preferences when it comes to physical looks. See Why do people have types.

This leads us to the important conclusion which is that some women find glasses attractive, some don't really care about them while some women might actually find them repulsive.

Do women find men with glasses attractive

The way a person will see the glass wearer depends greatly on their own beliefs. If for example a person believed that only nerds wear glasses then he might automatically assume that the one who wears glasses is a nerd.

If on the other hand a person believed that those who wear glasses are smarter, more intellectual and more successful in their lives then this person will find glass wearers attractive.

So the first dimension of that issue is the beliefs of the person who sees you. Next comes another dimension which is the weight the person places on those traits.

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that women look for different cues across various domains in order to determine a man's attractiveness.

In other words if a woman assigns a very high weight to intelligence then she will find the man with glasses more attractive provided that she already believes that those who wear glasses are more intelligent.

The bad boy,the nice guy & the glasses

It's a known fact that most women prefer bad boys over nice guys. Now if the woman believes that glasses makes a person seem more nice and kind then there is a chance that they will get repelled by them.

Bad boys usually wear clothes that reflect their outgoing and rebellious nature. This is why many people could believe that those who wear glasses are actually nice guys. See Why do bad boys wear leather jackets and boots.

So again there are two dimensions in here. If the women thinks that nice guys wear glasses and if they like bad boys then certainly glasses will be a turn off for them. The opposite is also true.

Meeting a person's need to make them like you

So should you wear your glasses when you meet the one you like or not?
In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that you can attract any person to you by displaying the right personality that satisfies their needs.

If your crush thinks intelligence is very important and if she believes that glasses make people intelligent then you should wear glasses, at least in the first phase, until attraction intensifies.

And of course it's not just about glasses for when you meet most of a person's needs then certainly that person will find you extremely attractive.

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