Do women really like sensitive men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What women are looking for

It might be very hard to describe what women want exactly if the bigger picture wasn't taken into consideration. When looking for a potential partner women pay attention to so many little details that men hardly bother themselves with.

The fact that a relationship , which might include child bearing, is more taxing for a woman makes women more cautious when it comes to choosing a life partner.

For every rule there are exceptions but generally women look for the strong, tough, masculine, protective and resourceful male. In my book The psychology of physical attraction I said that most woman will always select the type of man who can help them provide the best resources for their offspring.

Women do certainly care about looks but looks are just a part of a much bigger equation that women use to asses potential partners. See Do looks really matter to women.

But what about sensitivity?
Do women like sensitive men? Or do they prefer a different type of man?

Most women don't find sensitive men attractive

In one study it was found that women were less interested in the man who was considered very responsive to their needs. In other words women found the more sensitive man less attractive.

The study concluded that women considered sensitivity a feminine trait which makes males less attractive. In other words because women are looking for the strong and protective man they might assume that the sensitive man is weak.

Let me stop here for a moment to say a very important thing. Ask most women about what they want and they might say that they want a sensitive nice guy. Now put them in the game and you will find many of them choosing the abusive , less sensitive jerk over the nice guy who is always available for them. See why nice guys don't get girls

It's not that women don't know what they want but it's just the fact that they were biologically designed to look for the strong macho man. Sensitivity is not a bad trait but it can sometimes be interpreted as a sign of weakness or lack of masculinity.

But again this is not the case of all women. Some women will intentionally look for the sensitive man and will get repelled by the unresponsive man. But the facts we have from studies show that those women are the minority and not the majority. See Why nice guys finish last.

Women don't plan for that

Most women don't plan to be with a non-responsive less-sensitive partner but they just find that man attractive because he seems strong, capable, powerful, less needy and resourceful.

While a typical woman might say that she wants a sensitive guy who can understand her and be there for her as soon as she comes across that unresponsive-macho man she will find him very attractive.

Because sensitivity makes a person seem needy many women actually get turned off by the sensitive man once they sense his neediness. I have said earlier that women get repelled by needy men for they assume that those men are not demanded.

If you really want to understand how attraction works then you need to look at the big picture to understand the full dynamics of the process. Once you get that full picture you will understand why many of the things that seem logical might not really work when it comes to attraction and dating.

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