Dreaming of losing hair - Dream interpretation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dreams have different meanings based on who you are

In most of my dream interpretation articles i said that dreams can have different meanings based on who saw them. This means that two persons could see the exact same dream yet each of their dreams could have a totally different meaning.

If a bald person saw himself losing hair in a dream then certainly this dream will have a different meaning than if a person who is not bald saw it. See dream interpretation tips

Dreams are means of communication between your conscious and your subconscious mind. Depending on what's taking place in your life your dreams could have very specific meanings that only you can understand.

Dreaming of losing hair

Based on the previous introduction you should have concluded that there is no one-size-fits-all interpretation for common dreams. What we can do however is discuss some of the possibilities that would lead to getting such a dream.

The purpose of discussing such possibilities is not to give you a list of possible explanations but rather to help you know how to think when you are trying to interpret dreams.

Here are some few explanations for the dream of falling hair:

  • 1) You are concerned about aging: If you were concerned about aging or growing up then you might see such a dream. In such a case your mind might just be trying to warn you that you are running out of time and that you still have some important goals to reach. See Fear of growing up
  • 2) You are concerned about going bald: If you are too concerned about losing hair then you might see such a dream. After all one of the reasons we dream is that we are concerned about some things
  • 3) You are concerned about your health: This dream could also signify that you are concerned about losing health. The dream could have the purpose of warning you against some of the unhealthy behaviour you are doing. See Do dreams tell the future
  • 4) You are becoming powerless: Loss of hair can also be a symbol that points out to loss of power. This dream could be an indication that you are concerned about losing power. In such a case this dream might have a similar meaning to the common dream of falling teeth
  • 5) You are concerned about any kind of loss: The dream of loss of hair could be trying to point your attention to some kind of loss that you are concerned about. This loss might have nothing to do at all with hair or health but it could just be a symbol representing something else. See also Why do we dream in symbols

How to find the right meaning of your dream

In order to find the right meaning for your dream you have to have a perfect understanding of your values, beliefs,concerns and past.

A dream is like a piece of puzzle that can only be interpreted when it fits into the other pieces. You are the only person who have full access to all of the other pieces and so you are the only one who can interpret your own dreams.

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