How a touch can change someone's emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- A touch can make you more generous

Studies have found that people become more generous when they are touched. If you touched someone's shoulders before asking for money then there is a higher probability that this person will be generous with you.

The human touch was found to increase a person's desire to give. See Why some people are stingy

2- It can make you more helpful

Studies have found that people are more likely to help when they are touched. If you touched a person in a friendly way before asking for help then probably this person is going to become more helpful.

3- It can make you seem honest

A touch can't just make people more helpful but it also show them that you are a more honest person. If you touched someone while talking to them then this person will believe that you are more honest.

4- It makes you seem more sincere

A touch can also make you seem more sincere. If you want to convince a person that you are more sincere then give them a gentle touch while talking to them. See How to convince anyone to believe in anything

5- It results in more compliance

A touch can also result in more compliance. If you want someone to become more agreeable or if you want someone to follow your orders then a simple touch can make your job much easier.

6- It reduces stress

A simple touch can result in the reduction of stress almost immediately. When you touch a person in a friendly way the hormone Cortisol gets reduced and so the person feels less stressed. See 7 steps to reduce work stress instantly.

7- People will empathize with you more

When you touch a person they will empathize with you more because they will be better able to experience your emotions. It was found that when you touch a person you communicate to them your emotions easier.

8- You become more persuasive

Studies have shown that you can become more persuasive by just touching a person in a friendly way during your talk. The next time you want to persuade someone to do something don't forget to touch them. See How to persuade people.

9- You will make them feel better

A simple touch can result in the production of many feel good hormones. By touching a person you can actually make them feel better.

10- You make them feel safe

When you touch a person you will make them feel more safe and secure aroud you. People will be more likely to put their guard down when you touch them.

The psychological aspect of touch

When you touch a person you send them many indirect messages that their subconscious minds understand. As soon as you touch a person the person feels safe around you and no longer think of you as a threat.

In addition to that the person doesn't think of you as a competitor anymore and they believe that you are there to help them.

This kind of safe and friendly environment that a touch creates makes people more willing to help and cooperate.

In addition to that the hormones that are related to bonding such as dopamine and oxytocin are produced when a person is touched. This makes the person think that you are a trustworthy friend and not some kind of a stranger who wants some kind of personal benefit.

Finally before you touch a person make sure it's culturally acceptable to do it for sometimes touching can cause aggression when it goes against the culture.

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