How actions can improve your emotions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why distraction schools never work

I get many emails from people who have various emotional problems. One common thing i noticed between many of the people who experience bad moods is that they do everything to feel good but take the right action.

A very large part of the self help industry is focused on distracting people from their problems rather than motivating them to fix them. Keeping yourself busy, meditation, living in the present and many of the glamorous popular notions are used to distract people from the main root causes behind their problems.

In my previous article Why Meditation never worked for you i said that so many people try to detach themselves from their emotions instead of trying to act on those emotions to fix their lives.

In my article Where do emotions come from i said that emotions happen to help direct you towards something of importance. If you tried to ignore the emotions by distracting yourself then probably those emotions are going to get more intense.

How actions can improve your emotions

So what's the opposite of distracting yourself?
It's taking the right actions to solve your own problems.

Suppose that you felt really bad because you gained some weight recently. In such a case your feelings indicate that you believe that your body shape became less desirable.

Now the worst mistake you can ever do in such a case is trying to convince yourself that looks are not important. In fact i am not saying that looks are important but your emotions are.

In my previous article How to figure out what really matters to you i said your emotions can guide you towards what's important to you. If you felt bad because something happened then this means that this thing matters a lot to you no matter what the whole world says.

Now imagine instead of losing weight you decided to practice mindfulness, mediate or keep yourself busy. In all of those cases you will end up with horrible emotions because you are distracting yourself from something that truly matters to you.

In my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula i said that taking actions is the ultimate form for responding to emotions or bad moods. But don't get this part wrong. The actions you must take must be directed towards a soloution.

If you want to lose weight and if you started feeling bad becauase of that then you need to stop reading this and head to the gym right now.

Here is why actions can make you feel good

  • 1) They remove the bad emotion: In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that when your mind sends you negative emotions it just wants you to take certain actions. When you take those actions your mind will find that the bad emotions are no longer needed and so it will withdraw them
  • 2) They tell your mind you are serious: When i talked about Indifference i said that lack of motivation and indifference happen when your brain doesn't trust your plans. Once your subconscious mind believes that you are serious you can easily get motivated. When you take actions you tell your mind directly that you are very serious about solving that problem
  • 3) They change your expectations: As soon as you start taking actions you start forming new expectations about the future. Those new expectations can replace the old negative ones and thus make you feel better about yourself

Moral of the story: MOVE!

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