How can coffee make you more attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can Coffee change your looks?

First of all this is not an article that i wrote to encourage the drinking of Coffee but it's just an article that explains few interesting psychological concepts about attractiveness.

I am pretty sure you heard of beauty sleep right?
Studies have proven that the beauty sleep concept is actually true.

When you sleep well you actually look more attractive to people.
In one study people were divided into two groups before their physical attractiveness was rated by others.

The first group was allowed to sleep well while the other group had few hours of sleep during the night.
After that the attractiveness of both groups was measured again and the results were as you expected.

Those who slept well appeared more attractive than those who didn't. See also 5 shocking reasons why you can't sleep at night

So you might be wondering why sleeping well makes us look good?

The answer is simple : We look more attractive when we look more alert.
And this is certainly one thing that Coffee does to us.

How can coffee make you more attractive

Studies found that when we look more alert and sharp people tend to find us more attractive. One of the things Coffee does to us is that it makes us seem more alert simply because it stimulates the nervous system.

And this is not just about Coffee for any drink or activity that can make our nervous system more alert can actually make us seem more attractive to others.

Here are some reasons why being more alert makes us seem more attractive:

  • 1) We seem smarter: Intelligence is one of the things that makes people more attractive. After all both sexes might not be happy to be around a person who doesn't look that intelligent. When we become more alert we seem smarter and sharper and this is why we seem more attractive. See also Reasons an angry face makes a man more attractive
  • 2) We seem healthier: When i talked about the psychology of attractiveness i said that one of the most important things both women and men look for is a healthy mate. If you became healthier then certainly you will seem more attractive and if you are attractive then know that you are probably healthy. On the long term Coffee might have some bad effects but on the short term it can make us seem focused, energetic and healthy.
  • 3) We seem more confident: Can Coffee make us look more confident? The answer is yes. When our nervous system becomes more alert we feel stronger, more in control and less tired. This makes us seem more confident to people. The more active we feel the more confident we are going to feel and so the more confident we will seem to others

What can this tell you about attractiveness

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that physical attraction be easily manipulated once you do the right things.

Yes there are some things about your looks that you can't change but this doesn't mean that there aren't other things that you can change. Physical attractiveness is not just about looks but it's about so many different factors that come together in a certain way.

Once you learn how to manipulate some of those factors you can certainly become much more attractive to people.

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