How depression affects your choice of clothes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How our emotional states affect our behaviour

Some people believe that mood changes happen only on the inside and that it's hard to read a person's emotions but that's completely wrong.

When we experience any kind of emotion our behaviour changes in such a way that a trained observer can notice that emotional change. A certain emotional change doesn't just affect us from inside but it also affects us from the outside.

Our facial expressions, body language, behaviour and even clothes can reflect this emotional state we are experiencing.

Since depression is a powerful emotional state it can certainly be reflected in almost everything that we do and this includes the choice of clothes.

How depression affects your choice of clothes

When we become depressed we do everything differently and this includes the act of choosing what to wear. Here are some ways with which depression affects our choice of clothes:

  • 1) We under dress: When we become depressed we feel that we have no energy. Every single task becomes harder than it's truly is. Because of that we tend to put less effort while choosing our clothes and so we end up under dressed. See Why so many people are depressed
  • 2) Women wear jeans: According to a study depressed women are more likely to wear jeans,baggy tops or a jumper when they are depressed. According to the same study when women feel good about themselves they are more likely to wear their favorite dresses. See Why keeping yourself busy never treats depression
  • 3) We lose interest in looking good: When a person gets depressed they usually lose interest in everything and this includes losing interest in looking good. In such a case the person might chose the most comfortable option or the option that is easier to wear instead of the option that would make them look good. See also how your clothes can make you stressed
  • 4) We don't wear expensive clothes: When we get depressed we might also believe that we don't deserve to either be happy or to look good. As a result of those beliefs we might chose to wear inexpensive clothes. A man who has a Rolex watch for example might not wear it if he felt very depressed
  • 5) We wear dull colors: When we get depressed we are more likely to wear dull colors in order not to draw attention to ourselves. Depressed people just want to avoid attention and as a result they might avoid bright colors or flashy accessories. See How your clothes reflect your personality

Reading depression through clothes

One of the signs that can help you realize whether someone is depressed or not is the change in the choice of their clothes. Of course you can't judge a person's emotions just because you saw them wearing a certain thing but if you noticed a change in the usual pattern then this means that the person is actually going through emotional changes.

Women are more likely to change their clothing style when they get depressed since their dressing up process usually requires more effort that men.

Once you notice a certain change in a common clothing pattern then you can confidently conclude that the person is going through certain emotional changes.

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