How depression changes your looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Yes it changes the looks

Yes depression changes a person's looks.
And no, i am not just referring to looking sad or unhappy but i am talking about real physical changes that happen to the shape of your body and face.

Let me first begin with the good news. All of those changes are reversible and so once you Deal with depression you will slowly start looking like your old self again.

How depression changes your looks

So how does depression change one's looks?

  • 1) You will wear bad clothes: In my previous article How depression affects your choice of clothes i said that when you get depressed you are very likely not to feel like wearing good clothes. You might end up wearing anything that feels comfortable just because you think you don't deserve to feel good
  • 2) Your face will look sad: In my previous article How your beliefs affect your looks & Why narcissists look so good and young i explained how your beliefs can change the way you look. When a person develops a certain belief they act based upon it. When a person's behaviour changes their facial muscles might actually follow as the time passes. After sometime you might find that your resting face is looking sad and down
  • 3) You might not look healthy: An interesting study has shown that depression prevents the body from getting rid of toxins the way it should be normally doing. This is perfectly aligned with the fact that a depressed person stops caring about anything in life. It seems that this loss of interest in life happens internally as well. When your body fails to get rid of toxins properly you might experience many changes in your looks. See also Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed.
  • 4) You might get puffy eyes: Depression might force people to cry often or to have sleeping problems. In both cases this can contribute to the appearance of puffy eyes and a face that has a natural look of sadness. See also The benefits of crying
  • 5) You won't take care of your looks: People who have a positive self concept and who experience positive moods usually do their best to take care of their looks. When a person gets depressed they might give up on taking care of their looks. Women might stop putting makeup and wearing good clothes. A person might either lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of weight depending on how depression affects their appetite. All of these things can result in so many changes in the way the person looks. See also How your name affects your looks

The way out

So are we doomed to look worse if we got depressed?
The short answer is no.

If you gave in to depression and didn't try to do anything about it then yes your looks might change but if you fought back and tried to do everything that you can in order to get over it then probably your looks won't change.

Fight back.
Don't allow depression to change your physical looks.

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