How does goal setting improve confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Goal setting and self confidence

A long time ago when i read the first self confidence building article i came across i found it referring to the fact that setting goals and achieving them can help a person improve his confidence.

Even though this advice is very old still it's one of the ways that is guaranteed to work if done right. In a previous article i said that setting the wrong goals and achieving them won't help you gain any self confidence.

But if you set the right ones and achieved them then certainly your self confidence is going to increase. In this article i will explain to you why self confidence increases when certain goals are achieved and tell you how to set the right goals.

How does goal setting improve confidence

In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that in order to elevate your self confidence you need to change your beliefs that you currently have about yourself. After all those beliefs are the ones that determine your current level of confidence.

Let me explain this in more detail. If you believe that you can never talk to the opposite sex without messing up then probably you will feel that you are not confident during any encounter with them.

Now let's suppose that you had to talk to an opposite-sexed person that you work with to discuss important work matters. In such a case if this conversation went successfully then probably you will feel a little more confident about your ability to talk to the opposite sex. See Feeling anxious around the opposite sex

But the belief itself, that you are not good with handling the opposite sex, might not change before you succeed in doing so more than once. But as you succeed in doing that task more than once your belief will change and you will become more confident.

Goal setting works the same way exactly. If you believed that you can't do something well then decided to learn how to do it and actually did it then probably your confidence will rise. See How to learn any skill.

Set the right goals

That's not everything. When you set a goal and achieve it you will start to trust your abilities, your skills and your level of commitment. When your faith in those things increase your overall level of self confidence will increase as well.

Put in mind that for all this to work you need to set goals that are directly related to your important needs. Don't distract yourself by setting goals that you don't really need to achieve just to prove to yourself that you can reach those goals.

This strategy won't work as your subconscious mind will believe that your efforts are worthless. Many people mistakenly try to set any goals just to believe that they are doing something meaningful but that's wrong.

In order for this trick to work you need to make sure that you are setting goals that can impact your life in a positive way right away after you achieve them.

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