How emotional sensitivity leads to psychological disorders

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How psychological disorders develop

I talked about emotional sensitivity in many of my articles and i explained how can someone overcome it by doing the right things. Emotional sensitivity doesn't just make your life harder or make you more likely to experience bad moods but it also makes it much easier for you to suffer from a psychological disorder.

In order to understand how this happens you first need to get a basic idea about how psychological disorders develop. Let's suppose that you have been through a horrible and intolerable experience.

In such a case there is a big possibility that you will develop an anxiety response, or anxiety disorder, as a result. The anxiety in such a case will be developed because your mind won't want you to go through that horrible experience once again.

This is why many of the survivors of abuse or traumatic events end up with anxiety disorders or excessive worrying.

In my article The real reasons behind worrying i explained how we tend to worry a lot when we fear that a bad past experience might repeat itself.

How emotional sensitivity leads to psychological disorders

So what does emotional sensitivity has to do with the development of psychological disorders?
In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that our perception of the world determines the conclusions and beliefs we reach after we go through a certain situation.

Because emotional sensitivity makes many of the ordinary situations totally intolerable an emotionally sensitive person can easily suffer so much because of a bad experience.

As the degree of suffering increases that sensitive person might develop a psychological disorder such as anxiety for example. See also How emotional and physical abuse can lead to emotional sensitivity

If on the other hand the person was not that sensitive then the bad situations they have been through might not seem that bad to them and as a result their minds might cope with them normally without developing any kind of disorder.

This is the reason why many sensitive people crack under pressure. As the emotions exceed a certain limit the brain finds no other way but to develop a disorder to help the person evade the pain.

Emotional sensitivity can end easily

So what can an emotionally sensitive person do in such a tough world?
The first thing you need to understand is that emotional sensitivity can be dangerous if you didn't deal with it properly.

The good news i have for you is that emotional sensitivity can end very easily. By learning how to adjust your perception and see the world from the right angle the same events that used to hurt you will no longer hurt you anymore. See Ultimate guide to developing Super powers for more information.

I was once a very emotionally sensitive person and as i worked on my beliefs i slowly progressed from being an overly sensitive person to a normal person who has normal responses to life's events. If i did so then you can do it too but you just need to start.

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