How facial width affects attractiveness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is the FWHR ratio

The Facial width to height ratio (FWHR) is a ratio used to determine the width of a person's face compared to its height. To calculate your own FWHR you need to divide your facial width (the widest area of your face) by the distance between the mid of your eyebrows and your upper lips.

In other words this ratio is not about how wide or long a face is but it's about how the width of a face is compared to the middle area of it (the distance between the upper lip and the brows).

A high FWHR ratio could be something like 1.9 where a low ratio could be something like 1.4.
Now that you know what the FWHR its time to know how it affects attractiveness.

How facial width affects attractiveness

Women tend to find men with high FWHR more attractive when it comes to choosing a short term partner.
The high FWHR is linked to higher levels of testosterone in both males and females. This means that the person with a higher FWHR, whether they are a male or female, are more likely to be more dominant and aggressive than those with a low FWHR. See also Does having low testosterone make you less of a man

The woman's preference for a man changes based on whether she is looking for a long term or short term partner. For a woman looking for a short term partner dominance, aggression and masculine traits in general usually get a very high weight. See What attracts women to men.

This is why a woman looking for a short term partner might favor the man with a high FWHR. The opposite can be true if the woman is looking for a long term partner. In such a case traits such as kindness, compassion and agreeableness might have a higher weight.

In other words it's not the shape of the face that makes a person attractive or unattractive but it's the meaning that this face shape signifies.

This is why i said earlier that you can attract any type of person even if you were not their type by just advertising the qualities they are looking for. While your looks might not advertise those qualities directly you can still advertise them through your behaviour and attract the person to you. See Why do some people have types & How to know the type your crush likes.

What about women with wide faces?

Whether a man will like a woman with a high FWHR ratio or not depends on the man's personal preferences.Generally the typical man prefers the more submissive woman. This doesn't mean that men like weak women but it only means that most men would want a woman who is much less dominant than them so that they can feel like males.

A woman who is submissive to the man makes the man feel more like a man. Of course this differs from one man to another since men have different levels of dominance.

Some men might actually prefer women who are more dominant than them but that's usually the exception. In such a case that man might look for a woman with higher FWHR ration than him.

When it comes to the psychology of attraction i don't want you to mistakenly look at one element and forget that a person's overall attractiveness is determined by so many factors in the same time. Whether you have a high or low FWHR ratio might not make a big difference since there are so many other factors involved.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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