7 Ways food can ruin your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can food make you happy?

Food improves the mood. This is one reason people sometimes get involved in emotional eating. You can always feel better while taking Soda sips or eating a delicious pizza. But the important question you need to ask yourself is: How long does this positive mood last?

The answer is very simple: This good mood will last for as long as you are eating and as soon as you are done a wide array of negative emotions might kick in depending on what you ate. See also Where do negative emotions come from

Binge eating might seem like a way out of emotional pain but when you realize how eating can affect your mood in a bad way you will become very motivated to quit this bad habit. See How to break bad habits.

How food can ruin your mood

Here are few ways in which food can ruin your mood:

  • 1) Food can make you guilty: When you eat anything more than you believed you should eat you might actually feel guilty about what you did. Guilt will kick in right after you finish eating and it might last for sometime depending on what you ate.
  • 2) Food can ruin your self concept: If you kept on eating wrong foods for a long period of time then your self concept might slowly change. You might start to think of yourself as a helpless, undisciplined & ill-willed person
  • 3) Food can make you depressed: According to a study people who consume 67g of sugar per day or more are more likely to become depressed. Alcohol depresses the nervous system and causes depression, studies found that trans fats are linked to depression and processed foods may result in very bad moods. In short the more you binge the more likely you are to get depressed even if it makes you feel better for a short period of time
  • 4) Food can cause poor self image: No i am not talking about the psychological effects of finding that your body shape has changed but i am talking about the instant change in self image that happens after you eat. According to studies you might start to see your body negatively moments after you binge eat. See Poor self image causes
  • 5) Food can increase anxiety: Caffeine and anything else that stimulates the nervous system can actually increase anxiety and make you more likely to worry. See also 3 Steps to stop worrying.
  • 6) Food can make you lazy: If you ate too much you might feel too heavy to move. This feeling can also be psychological where your subconscious mind starts to believe that you are a lazy person by nature
  • 7) Food can ruin your mood: If you became too full then you will get an unpleasant feeling in your stomach. Because the body and the mind are directly connected this feeling will shortly be reflected in your mood and you will end up feeling bad. See The mind and body connection

Think before you eat

As you just saw food can result in a short term gain but long term sadness.
Think well before you binge or eat something wrong.

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