Productivity lesson : How i coded a game in 15 days

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there anybody who wants to really succeed?

Since 2012 i always wanted to get into the gaming market but because i knew how much time it takes for a person to program games i never wanted to be the person who codes.

In 2012 i started looking for enthusiastic programmers who truly want to achieve something big in the gaming industry. I was very enthusiastic about the project but just few weeks later i discovered the serious problem.

The 3 programmers i talked to were anything but enthusiastic about the idea. I just realized that sometimes when people don't see your vision they can't really get to believe in what you are saying.

After sometime those people lost passion for the project and they stopped working on it completely. Because i always believed i had no time to become a game programmer i just never thought of the idea of creating the game the myself. I kept searching and searching and every time i was totally disappointed by people's lack of enthusiasm and motivation to do something big.

Shortly after that i lost hope on the idea and i just decided to keep it aside up until i find the suitable partner.

How i coded a game in 15 days

Years and years passed and i realized that this dream is never going to become true if i never took the step to push it forward.

I then for the first time in my life decided to challenge one of the biggest false beliefs i had in my life which is that i don't have enough time.

First of all i have 2knowmyself to manage, in addition to lots of coaching hours per day plus the gym and my social life. And as if this is not enough i also have the boxing class, the other business i am invested in and various other daily tasks to do. So from a logical point of view it was impossible for me to believe that i can spare any time at all.

But because i knew that i have no other option but to get this done i decided to take the tough step. First of all i started waking up one hour earlier just to learn game programing. Few days later i didn't like the progress so i started working for an additional hour.

After four days i started adding many more working hours per day then i started to even work on the only day i take off which is Friday. See also How to become productive

To be honest this was really hard. Any normal human needs some leisure time every now and then to enjoy their lives but because my desire to get that thing done was so big i just kept going.

And guess what?
In just 15 days i had that simple game released on the Android Store:)
Yes of course it's a very simple game with a very basic idea but for me that was a really big achievement and a turning point that made me realize so many important things about productivity.

And in case you are wondering How it looks like here is the link to download my Game on your Andriod phone.

Valuable Productivity lessons learned:

  • 1) You do have time even if you think you don't: I am considered an extremely busy person by all standards yet i still managed to find the time to get that game completed. It's not because i am special or anything but it's because once you truly decide to do something nothing will be able to stop you. See also How to get things done fast
  • 2) People can really waste your time and life: If you kept waiting for the right people to help you with a project then you might wait forever. Of course you should always try to make a great team to get something done but if this took so long then you need to do the move on your own not to waste your life waiting for enthusiasts to show up. See Why do people keep wasting time
  • 3) You can learn anything: I have never coded a game before that time and i never had any idea how something like that can be done yet i managed to do it in a very short period of time just because i believed it can be done. You can learn anything that you want to learn so don't let false beliefs stop you

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