How lack of flexibility leads to worrying problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Nonsense, Nonsense and more Nonsense

If you have been unfortunate enough to have a serious worrying problem in this era then probably you already know that most people say total nonsense when they give advice about dealing with worrying.

In my previous article Those methods will never help you stop worrying i explained how most of the popular advice people give about dealing with worrying never work.

And i know that you already know that. At least if you tried to search for a soloution for sometime.
So here is the promise i have for you, no more nonsense!

How to end worrying

In my previous article A real working solution for worrying i said that once you reach some kind of a resolution with your mind that allows you to accept all possibilities even the worst ones then your worries will be over instantly.

Now the term "reaching a resolution" can be a bit tricky since it can have many meanings.
What i mean by this term is reaching an agreement that is 100% convincing for your subconscious mind on how you are going to deal with the worst case in case it happens.

The reason so many people never manage to stop worrying is they try to push the worst thoughts away or convince themselves that the worst possibility might not happen where as a part of them knows that it might happen. See How to stop worrying immediately.

once you use the word "might" your subconscious mind gets into worrying mode simply because it does not accept uncertainty.

One of the most popular nonsense advice people give about worrying is learning to accept uncertainty. But here is the deal, our minds were not designed to accept uncertainty and unless we have absolute certainty we will keep worrying. See also Thinking strategies that lead to worrying.

But how can you make an uncertain situation certain?
By simply being flexible enough to accept anything even if it was the worst possibility.

How lack of flexibility leads to worrying problems

In my previous article How attachment leads to worrying i said that attachment to things is one of the most powerful causes of worrying.

You are too attached to your job
You are too attached to your income
You are too attached to this life style

And this is why you can't tolerate any kind of changes or any bad possibility. This is why you aren't by any means flexible and this is why you always worry.

If you are really sick of worrying and you want to live in peace then learn to develop this level of flexibility by detaching yourself from the things you are extremely attached to.

Don't get this wrong. I am not asking you to give up but i am asking you to be flexible.
Instead of always wanting to keep the same job forever because it pays well be prepared to lose it for a month or two before you find another higher paying job.

That's not giving up. That's being flexible.

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