How mindfulness can ruin your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotional awareness is a great thing

In many of my previous articles i said that becoming aware of your own emotions is one of the best things you can do to yourself to maintain a healthy emotional state.

In my previous article Where do emotions come from i said that emotions are signals sent by the brain to notify us about important matters.

The key to having a great mood is to learn the purpose of those messages and to respond to them in a timely manner. This is why in my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that one of the major causes of depression is ignoring those signals and giving your back to them.

This leads us to a very important conclusion which is that mindfulness is a very useful technique because it can allow a person to get in touch with their emotions, to understand them better and to become fully aware of their presence.

However this is not how people use mindfulness. So many people use mindfulness as a way to ignore their emotions after becoming aware of them and this is why it backfires in such cases.

How mindfulness can ruin your life

So many people use mindfulness to ignore their emotions after they become aware of them while totally forgetting that the only way to get over emotional pain for good is to respond to the signals the mind sends.

In my previous article How to stop thinking about something that bothers you i said that our brains keep sending us unpleasant emotions and reminding us of unpleasant situations so that we do something about them.

Even if those bad situations were past events our minds would still require some kind of an action plan to provide reassurance that those bad situations won't be repeated again.

What so many people do is that they use mindfulness to watch their emotions as they develop then totally ignore them as if they were purposeless things.

Let's suppose that you felt thirsty, does it make any sense to ignore your thirst and treat it as if it's a foreign desire that has no purpose?

If you did so you will become even more thirsty hours later simply because you didn't respond to the signal. The same thing exactly happens with emotions when you ignore them. When you ignore your emotions, after becoming aware of them, they will come back at you stronger hours or even moments later. See The ultimate solution to all of your problems

why mindfulness isn't working for you

Mindfulness isn't working for you for two major reasons:

  • 1)You are not aware of the purpose of emotions: mindfulness isn't working for you because you are unaware of the real purpose of your emotions which is that they are important messages that require immediate attention. See Why ignoring your emotions can lead to depression
  • 2)You are using it as an escapement tool: Instead of using mindfulness as a tool that can help you identify your emotions then respond to them you are using it as an escapement tool. And once you decide to ignore your emotions your subconscious mind will come back at you with more intense emotions so that you respond

Mindfulness can be a great technique that can help you understand yourself even more but if you used it as an escapement method then it will backfire, make you feel worse and even ruin your life.

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