How narcissists manipulate you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Narcissists are highly manipulative

In my previous article Why are narcissists so dangerous i said that narcissists can be so dangerous if you didn't know how to handle them.

Narcissists are usually highly manipulative and if you didn't learn to understand their tricks you might fall prey to their manipulative strategies. In this article i will tell you about the popular ways that narcissists use to manipulate others.

how narcissists manipulate you

  • 1) Devaluing you: One of the most popular strategies narcissists use to manipulate others is Devaluing them. The narcissist will try to make you feel worthless and unimportant in order to put some pressure on you to do what they want. See Why narcissists ignore you
  • 2) Threatening you: Narcissists can get very aggressive. They might sometimes threaten you to do something in order to scare you. A narcissist can easily get into rage mode if you didn't comply or do what they want you to do
  • 3) Erasing you: A Narcissist can all of a sudden decide to ignore you and act like you do not exist anymore. In such a case the Narcissist is literally erasing you from their own lives for good until you comply to their demands or do what they want. See Why narcissists don't give closure
  • 4) Shaming you: Another popular strategy Narcissists use is shaming people and embarrassing them in order to force them to comply. A Narcissist can make you feel ashamed of your opinions or ideas just to force you to agree with them. See 5 reasons those who mock and humiliate you are mentally unstable
  • 5) Brainwashing you: Narcissists are perfect at brain washing others. They could easily convince you that you were wrong even if they know that you are not. Learn more about subconscious mind programming to protect yourself against brainwashing attempts
  • 6) Shaking your confidence: Narcissists will usually try to sound over confident in order to shake your own confidence. The main goal of a Narcissist in such a case is to make you lose your own confidence so that they can convince you that you are wrong
  • 7) Refusing to talk: A Narcissist can suddenly decide to end a conversation and just leave just to put more pressure on you. In such a case the the Narcissist will want to exert the maximum pressure on you until you rethink your opinion
  • 8) Making you feel worthless: A typical Narcissist will try to make you feel worthless if you ever went against them or argued with them. The Narcissist in such a case tries to make you feel worthless so that you recognize them as the ultimate source of authority and power
  • 9) Not listening to you: A typical Narcissist will try to make you think that your opinion is totally worthless and that they are right no matter what you say. In such a case the Narcissist will either interrupt you whenever you talk or just refuse to listen
  • 10) Cutting the connection: The final step a narcissist uses to manipulate a person would be cutting the connection with them permanently. This is always the last attempt a narcissist does and if it didn't work the narcissist will hardly ever restore the connection with you. See Why Narcissists hate you

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