How the parents can raise a worrier

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The different causes of worrying

Just like any other psychological problem excessive worrying happens when many factors come together in such a way that a person develops the habit of worrying. There is no single cause for worrying but it's the combination of those factors that could make a person a worrier. See also The real reasons behind worrying.

One of the factors that directly contributes to the worrying problem is the parenting style. Even though there could be some genetic component to many of the psychological disorders still the manifestation of those genes hardly takes place unless other environmental factors come into play. See Can genes cause mental illness

A child is born with a blank brain that has no beliefs, values or habits. As the child grows up he develops those things then ends up becoming who he is. This is why in the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that no one is born with lack of confidence but the beliefs that we learn either make us confident or confident.

The a way a parent interacts with the environment has a very strong impact on the child since the child always considered the parent the role model he should follow. The child considers the parent a super being who knows everything and as a result the child copies the parent completely even if the later was using wrong strategies.

How parenting can raise a worrier

When any new and unexpected situation happens the child looks to the parent for guidance. The child watches how the parent reacts to that situation and then develops a very similar strategy that he will use in the future.

If the parent experienced panic, anxiety and started worrying as soon as a problem happened then the child will learn this habit and store it in their memory. Now as the same habits keeps repeating itself over and over the child absorbs it completely in such a way that it becomes the preferred habit of choice when a similar problem happens. See What causes fears and phobias

The brain is a very plastic organ. As it learns something and practices it over and over it becomes much easier for it to do it again. This is why you might find it very hard to drive a car or ride a bicycle at first then later on the habit becomes almost automatic.

The same exactly happens with thinking patterns and thinking habits. When a child learns how to worry when a problem happens worrying becomes much easier for the child's brain. In other words as the brain develops the habit of worrying it becomes much easier for it to worry and as a result worrying becomes the preferred choice when a problem happens. See Why worrying is not pointless.

Had the parent reacted in a different way then the child would have copied the different strategy. This is why studies suggest that worrying runs in families, it's not about the genes as much as it's about the coping strategy that was learned and developed.

The brain can be rewired

The good news i have for you is that the brain can be rewired again. The process can be long and difficult but it's 100% doable. Whenever you face a situation that makes you worry try not to panic and instead try to think of a constructive soloution.

Don't ever try to ignore your worries for this will let them intensify, instead learn how to handle them right away by taking the right action. In my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula i said that one of the key elements in getting over a bad mood is responding to the signal sent by your mind , in the form of a bad emotion, as fast as you can.

When you keep responding to the signal properly your brain will learn that this is the new preferred strategy and your worrying problem will ease.

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