How porn ruins relationships

Is porn really harmless?

When the topic of porn is mentioned many people get defensive. Those people try to defend porn fiercely as if a part of them feels guilty for it and is trying to make them feel better.

I agree with you that right now there might not be any kind of evidence that porn can be harmful on a physical level however when it comes to the psychological state porn can be extremely harmful as i said earlier in my article The bad psychological effects of masturbation.

Apart from the bad psychological effects which includes guilt, shame, disappointment and even feelings of inferiority porn addiction can also ruin relationships and force you to remain single. See How Porn addiction can lead to feelings of inferiority.

Let's see how can this happen.

How porn ruins relationships

The sexual drive is a powerful source of energy and motivation. As a result of the sexual drive people feel like interacting with the opposite sex. This sexual drive motivates people to talk, get to know each other, get married and ultimately have sex.

Now the problem with porn addiction and masturbation is that they always force the person to waste that sexual energy on nothing thus leaving them with no energy to pursue real relationships.

When you do not watch porn you will become extremely motivated to get into a relationship with someone. If on the other hand you watched porn then your brain will be taking a short cut to reaching the same goal and as a result you will lose all motivation to pursue real relationships. See How watching porn can kill your motivation and make you lazy

Am pretty sure you noticed that after watching porn or masturbating you feel tired, exhausted and unmotivated to do anything. It's just the fact that you got rid of a tremendous amount of energy and exhausted your brain's reward circuits for nothing.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that watching porn results in the release of excess dopamine in the brain, the chemical responsible for seeking rewards, and as a result the reward seeking mechanism in the brain is overstimulated. This is why you feel lazy and unmotivated after watching porn.

Had this tremendous amount of energy was saved you would have been very successful with the opposite sex since you would have had a very powerful amount of motivation.

Porn makes it easy for shy people and those who lack social skills to remain as they are without any improvements. As long as they can get a quick fix through that shortcut those people hardly get motivated to improve their life skills. See How watching porn can result in social anxiety .

Porn ruins many relationships

You might be thinking that all porn addicts stop when they get into a relationship but this is totally wrong. When a person gets addicted to porn they don't get addicted to sex but rather to the chemical substance dopamine that gets released in their brain when they watch porn.

As the person gets used to large amounts of dopamine real sex starts to feel less exciting , since it involves less dopamine, and as a result the person keeps watching porn even when they are in a relationship. See Why some married people watch porn.

And as you might have guessed when a person discovers that their partner is watching porn the relationship can collapse. And even if that was considered OK the relationship would still collapse when both partners find that real sex is becoming more and more boring.

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