How the angle of a picture affects your attractiveness

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How attraction works

If you have read some of my Attraction psychology articles then probably you already realized that the overall attractiveness of a person is determined by so many factors in the same time.

While your looks play a major role in your overall attractiveness still a very big part of attractiveness lies in factors that have nothing to do with your looks.

In Today's article i am going to discuss one very interesting factor that affects your overall attractiveness which is the angle people see you from.

The best selfie angle

Research has found that women seem much more attractive to men when the picture is taken from above. That is if a woman took the picture from above ,by raising her hand for example, then probably the picture is going to seem attractive to men.

The opposite thing exactly happens with men. When the picture is taken from below the man appears more attractive to women.

Why the angle of the picture affects attractiveness?

When i talked about Attractiveness perception psychology i said that women tend to find masculine and dominant men more attractive than less masculine men.

This is a part of a woman's biological makeup. This means that most women will find that type of man attractive no matter where they come from.

The opposite happens with males. Men find women who are more submissive and feminine more attractive than dominant and aggressive women. See how men and women perceive attractiveness.

When a picture is taken from below people seem more dominant and this is why that angle makes men seem more attractive. When the picture is taken from below it simulates what happens when a short person looks at a tall person and this is why the person appears more dominant in the picture.

The opposite happens when the picture is taken from above. That angle simulates what happens when a tall person looks at a short person and this is why this angle makes people seem less dominant. See Why short men have a chance

Tilting the head also affects attractiveness

Now let's forget about pictures and focus on real life. When a man tilts his head backwards he simulates how he would look if a shorter person was looking at him.

In other words tilting the head backwards makes the person seem more dominant because it makes them seem taller. This is why men appear more attractive when they tilt their heads backwards and this is also why women appear more attractive when they tilt their heads forward.

When a woman tilts her head forward she appears more passive, feminine and less dominant. All of those traits are desirable traits for men.

So what's the moral of the story?
Forget about your looks for there are so many things that you could do to make yourself seem more attractive. Learn how attraction works and you will have so many tricks to play in order to make yourself very appealing to the opposite sex.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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