How to attract people using words

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The power of words

Do you know how strong the effect of words can be?
Do you know that words can influence the way you think and perceive things?

Let me explain to you briefly why words can be so powerful. Our perception of reality determines how we see things. Everyday we collect so many pieces of data through our senses that alters our perception of the world. See Why do people see the world differently

This is the reason why we sometimes change our opinion about things and this is also one of the popular reason why our moods change.

When a new input reaches our brain and lead us to a new conclusion we quickly see things from a different angle and we start developing new beliefs about things. Now as you might have already guessed words are one of those inputs that can force us to change our perception of things.

In other words if a person previously thought that you are not that attractive then you said the right words then you might become very attractive to this person. See also 3 ways to instantly become more attractive.

How to attract people using words

So how can you attract people using words?

People are highly receptive to suggestions. In my course The master of charm i said that you can easily program people to believe in something if you said it confidently.

But that's only half of the story. Even if people believed you still you won't impress them or attract them before you say the right things. In other words attracting people using words is all about saying the right things and getting believed.

Now the important question is, What are those right words?
When i talked about Unmet needs psychology long ago i said that the psychological needs people have force them to prefer certain things over others.

Some people will get very attracted to strong ones while others will prefer softer ones.
Some people will get very attracted to those who give them attention while others might get attracted to those who ignore them.

The key here is understanding what the person needs to hear and saying it to them. A word on it's own might not be that powerful but when that word hits something inside the person or when it touches a core need then this word is going to make all the difference in the world. See how words can change your brain and life

It's like pushing buttons

Words affect people that much because they push certain buttons. Once the right buttons are pushed the person won't just find you attractive but they can actually get crazy about you. See How to use words to hypnotize people

In such a case the person is the one who is going to do all the effort and not you. All what you are going to do is to find out exactly what you have to say and the rest will be done by the person. See 3 Ways to Read People's Minds by their Words

The person will analyze your words and realize that they fit perfectly with their psychological needs. The person will then start to think that you are attractive.

Now push more buttons by saying more right words and the person will be deeply into you.
Contrary to common beliefs attracting people is a very simple task but you just have to know how to do it correctly.

Charming people might seem like a very hard thing if you don't know how to do it. But the good news i have for you is that i created something that can help you charm any person, anywhere and anytime. Check out the Master of charm course.

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