How to be a charming man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Charming people is easy

Throughout my life i managed to charm so many different people and attract them to me. In many cases i wasn't actually trying to do any effort but it's just the fact that i developed some habits that made me more capable of charming people.

In this article i will tell you about some of those habits so that you know how to charm people and specifically women.

How to be a charming man

  • 1) Be more than just a man: In my course The master of charm i said that women get bored of ordinary men who have weaknesses, pains and life problems. Instead you need to seem like you are larger than life and more of a super human than a man. You need to appear unshakable, unbreakable and not comparable to anybody else they have seen before
  • 2) Make bold statements about yourself: In my previous article Why do we believe in emotional talks i said that the human brain is highly receptive to suggestions. Tell someone that you are an expert on something or that you are very attractive to the opposite sex and they will believe you. The only thing you need to make sure of is to be very confident while making your statement
  • 3) Be arrogant in a funny way: All researches show that women like arrogant and cocky men as they get impressed by their confidence and strength. Arrogance however can sometimes backfire, this is why the best thing you can do is to use cocky humor where people won't really know whether you are telling the truth or joking. In such a case people's mind will get programmed anyways. Note that this only works with women. See Why being cocky attracts women.
  • 4) Add an air of mystery: Anything that is predictable is usually considered boring. You never keep staring at an object that you see everyday for you know everything about it. Mysterious things however catch the attention and spark our curiosity. Curiosity is a very powerful human desire that can motivate people to do extreme things. Always be mysterious and don't make yourself 100% readable. Why being mysterious works
  • 5) Sell them your dreams: Most women like successful and resourceful men but don't worry if you have nothing. You can always sell women your dreams by convincing them that you are going to be somebody one day. Once they buy your dream they can get really attached to what you are yet to become. See Does money attract women?
  • 6) Always use social proof: According to the social proof theory people are more likely to believe that things are more worthy if others are finding them worthy as well. All you need to do is to convince people that you are demanded and they will find you much more attractive
  • 7) Display a great deal of emotional strength: You might have been told that being sensitive attracts women but that's not the case with most women. Women like super men who display a great deal of emotional strength and personal power. Try to seem very strong, totally in control of your life and powerful enough to handle all life problems. See Do women really like sensitive men
  • 8) Differentiate yourself: In order to charm people you need not to look like anyone they have seem before. Wear different cloths, change the way you look or do something that makes you look special and different. Don't do the mistake of doing this in a way that makes you seem like a weirdo. You want to be different but in the same time you should also fit in to a certain extent
  • 9) Learn to be charismatic: Contrary to common beliefs charisma can be learned. Learn how to have a strong presence and how to sound so sure of what you are saying. Do this and you will impress most women. See How to be charismatic

Don't charm someone you are not interested in

If you are not really interested in someone then please don't try to charm them. You don't really want to end up breaking the heart of a person who did nothing bad to you.

Learn how to be charming but only use your powers when you are really interested in someone. Sometimes i even put myself down in front of some people not to attract them to me. Be careful.

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