How to be a survivor in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

It's all about taking a decision

Life can be very tough and it can knock the strongest person down. So many people get this part of life wrong. They think that being strong is all about never being knocked down and that's totally wrong.

Survivors aren't the ones who don't face problems.
They are they ones who stand up every time they fall.
They are the ones who manage to heal their wounds, learn from them and even make them an advantage.

Becoming a survivor can be as simple as making a choice.
A choice to fight back
A choice to to be a different person.
A totally different person.

Years ago i had no friends and i was a socially awkward person. I just didn't know how to make people like me and as you guessed my self esteem was ruined.

I spent years like that suffering every single day because i felt very different. The suffereing never went away as i tried to deny the problem for years.

Then one day i woke up and i decided that this is going to be over for good.

I decided that i am going to do whatever that is needed to change my life. And i did it.
In a very short period of time i became the totally opposite. I became the popular guy in collage that everyone wants to be like.

And it It all began with a decision.

How to be a survivor in life

So how can you become a survivor?
Here are some things that you must do:

  • 1) Say no: Say no to life by refusing to accept further damage. Say no to life by deciding that the past is over and that the future is going to be way different. Say no to life by swearing an oath that you will change things to the better. See Those who say no
  • 2) Fight back: Taking the decision is the first part but the hard part comes next. You need to fight back the things that you don't want. You need to fight back by learning more skills, reading more books, talking to experts, developing emotional strength and doing whatever that is needed to change things. See The spirit of a warrior
  • 3) Prepare yourself mentally: Before you go down this road you must realize that the decision to be a survivor is a decision to be strong. You are going to face a big amount of pressure as you decide to change things and this is why you must be mentally prepared for what you are going to face. Just tell yourself one thing, you are suffering anyways so why don't you suffer while fighting back instead of suffering while feeling helpless?

Realize that it's all about making a choice

At this specific moment you can decide that you are going to be a different person or you can choice to remain helpless and broken.

Everything that will happen to you today, tomorrow and in the future might depend on that simple decision.
The decision to either remain weak
Or to become a survivor.
To become a true warrior.

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