How to become a forward thinker

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Forward vs backward thinking

Forward thinking is the ability to plan for the future in a creative and innovate way while aiming for totally new results than the ones you had before. A forward thinker is usually an optimist who believes that he will reach his goals and who expects to have more than he has today.

A backward thinker on the other hand is a person who is stuck in the past with his old failures. A backward thinker can hardly see beyond the present moment for he is so attached to what he had that he doesn't know how to think ahead.

Backward thinking can certainly cause depression since it can eliminate hope from a person's life. When a person becomes a backward thinker he removes all future gains from his calculations and just focuses on the past. If the past of that person , or the present, were bad then certainly he will become very depressed.

An example of a backward thinker is a person who keeps crying each day because he lost some of his savings.
An example of a forward thinker is a person who plans to make 5 times the amount of money he lost.

How to become a forward thinker

So how can a person become a forward thinker?
First of all make sure you check the reasons why people become backward thinkers in the first place. Those reasons will help you understand backward thinking in a better way and will help you become a forward thinker.

Next you need to do the following:

  • 1) Forget about the past: Your past could have been good, bad or glorious but no matter what you do focusing on it will never help you achieve your goals. Forget about what you had and focus on getting what you don't have. Don't cry over the split milk but instead focus on new methods that can help you get more milk bottles
  • 2) Forget about the old methods: The old methods might be good in few cases but generally they can hardly help you achieve your goals. Even if the old methods worked they will bring you back to where you was at best. If you want to get what you never had you must do what you have never done before
  • 3) Write a plan with new fresh goals: Write a plan with fresh new goals that have nothing to do with your past. If you lost 10,000 Dollars worth of savings then write a plan to make another 30,000 not 10,000. Once you write an ambitious plan your mind will force you to think of ways that could possibility help you to achieve those goals. See This is why you should write a plan
  • 4) Learn how to innovate: Contrary to common beliefs innovative and creative thinking can be learned. Without innovation you will remain stuck with your old methods and your chance of success will become much lower
  • 5) Revise your plans often: As you keep revising your plans over and over your will remember that what you want lies in the future and you will be more likely to think positive. Remember that being stuck in the past will make you a backward thinker
  • 6) Kill your fears: At the heart of backward thinking can lie the fear of trying, the fear of exploring or the fear of the future. Kill your fears and move forward or just move forward while ignoring your fears. Only then you can become a true forward thinker
  • 7) Create long term plans: When you create long term plans , that span years, your focus will be shifted on the future and you will become a forward thinker

Bonus tips

In addition to all of the previous advice you need to learn how to build self esteem and get rid of negative beliefs. A low self esteem will prevent you from ever planning for the future while the false beliefs will make you believe that your methods will always fail.

When you develop self esteem and get rid of those beliefs the road to future will be opened and you will believe that your future plans will work.

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