How to change your mood by changing your perception

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How we see the world

One of the questions that trouble many people is how can a person who has less resources, including money, feel happier than a person who has lots of resources.

And how can a single and poor person be happier than a rich and married person?
In my previous article Why millionaires get depressed i explained how our perception of the world determines to a great extent the emotions we experience.

In that article i said that the millionaire who has 2 million dollars and who wants 20 million dollars is certainly going to be less satisfied with life than a person who has 50K and who only wants 10K. So the first rule you need to understand about emotions is that they are a function of perception and resources.

But what does this mean?
In fact this means that i have good news for you because if you managed to change your perception properly then probably you are going to feel happier right away. See also Is there a way to instantly feel good

How to change your mood by changing your perception of things

Contrary to some opinions you can't just tell yourself that everything is fine and then expect your mind to believe you. In order to change your perception you need to work on convincing your mind to see new facts instead of trying to force it to believe in lies. See Why positive affirmations don't work

So how can this be done?
Here are the basic steps:

  • 1) Explore your beliefs: Did you acquire a false belief that resulted in the negative perception you have right now? For example if you believe that all rich people are thieves then you are never going to try to be rich even if you care about money. In such a case your negative perception will keep you trapped in your current unhappy mood.
  • 2) Make sure you are seeing the world correctly: After finding out those limiting beliefs you need to make sure that you are seeing the world correctly by fixing them. In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that most people see reality incorrectly as a result of the negative beliefs they developed about the world. Once those beliefs are fixed you can easily see the world from the right angle
  • 3) Elevate your self confidence: Your self confidence is one of the factors that affects your perception of the world strongly. Two people could be facing the same problem yet one of them might feel helpless while the other might feel hopeful just because the later believes that he will be able to handle the problem. Once you rebuild your self confidence you will be able to see the world from a positive angle
  • 4) Prevent perception errors: Every single day billions of humans make perception errors by altering, deleting and processing the data they receive from the world. Even if you cleared up all the negativity in your mind shortly this negativity will come back to you again through perception errors. See How incorrect perception affects self confidence.

It's all about how you see the world

The emotions you are feeling right now are not just related to your resources but they are related to your resources in addition to how you see the world, your opinion about yourself and your beliefs about the future.

While you should work on acquiring the resources you believe you miss still this doesn't mean that you can't adjust your perception in a short period of time so that you feel good about yourself while you are on your way to bring those important resources.

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