How to dress like a bad boy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bad boys get all the women

If you have been reading about attraction psychology for a while then probably you already know that bad boys attract women very easily. In my article why do women like bad boys i said that women associate many personality traits with bad boys such as over confidence, personal attractiveness and the ability to charm others.

A big part of becoming a bad boy is learning to look like one and as you might have already guessed learning how to choose the right clothes can make you seem more like a bad boy even if you are a nice guy. See also Why women get repelled by nice guys

How to dress like a bad boy

  • 1) Wear a leather jacket: Bad boys always wear clothes that match their bad life style. A bad boy will hardly wear a shirt under a round-necked pullover. A bad boy will always be wearing clothes that make them seem like they are dangerous and ready for a fight. A big part of looking like a bad boy is actually wearing a leather Jacket. See also 7 Tips to become a bad boy instantly
  • 2) Wear boots: There is a psychological reason why bad boys choose to wear boots. Boots are very suitable for the life style of a bad boy. The bad boy might ride a bike or do some kind of a dangerous activity every now and then. Because of that the bad boy needs a kind of shoe that allows them to step into anything whether its water, mud or rocks. This is one reason why bad boys tend to wear boots. See also Why do bad boys wear leather jackets and boots
  • 3) Wear Vee T-shirts: A Vee T-shirt can make you seem more dangerous because it resembles sharp edges. Round things are usually seen as safe while sharp ones are usually seen as dangerous. This is why wearing a Vee T-shirt can make you seem more like a bad boy. See also Why v T-shirts make men more attractive.
  • 4) Get a chained wallet: A rule of thumb for being a bad boy is looking as dangerous as you can. A chained wallet is one of the simple items that can make you seem more dangerous.
  • 5) Wear a dangerous looking bracelet: A metal bracelet or a dark one with sharp edges can make you seem more scary and dangerous. Remember than any item that would make you look more dangerous would make you seem more like a bad boy. See also Why do women like dangerous men.
  • 6) Wear black and Red: A bad boy can wear any color that he likes but a combination of Red & black will make you seem both attractive and dangerous. In my course The master of charm i said that studies have found that men who wear black or red were found to be more attractive than men who wear any other color. In addition to that both black and red can send an indirect message to the subconscious minds of people telling them that you are dangerous
  • 7) Wear jeans: Bad boys wear durable clothes that allow them to take physical risks, fight if needed or do dangerous things. A bad boy can hardly do something like that with a short or anything but a jeans
  • 8) Wear a dangerous looking necklace: A metal necklace or a one that has a sharp shape will certainly make you seem more like a bad boy. Also dangerous-looking pendants that have skulls or other scary objects can make you seem more dangerous
  • 9) Avoid stripes: A bad boy is a serious, dangerous and a direct guy. You can hardly find a bad boy wearing stripped shirts or a one that has different bright colors. Go for plain colored clothes to look more like a bad boy. See also why nice guys don't get girls
  • 10) Use dark shades: A dark sunglasses can make you seem more mysterious and attractive. Any thing that adds an air of mystery to your looks is going to make you seem more like a bad boy. This is also another reason why wearing a hoodie can sometimes work. See Why being mysterious works

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