How to end self inhibitions

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are self inhibitions

When you become too focused on what's happening inside your mind in such a way that you lose focus of what's happening in the outside world then you are said to be self inhibited.

It's so normal for any person to become self inhibited when they have a major problem. This is not the type of self inhibition you should worry about since it's usually a temporary one.

The type of self inhibition you should worry about is the long term one or the one you have been living with for a long period of time. See also 5 signs that show that you lack self confidence

Are you self inhibited?

Here are some important questions to ask yourself in order to know whether you have a self inhibition problem or not:

  • 1) Do you feel uncomfortable during most social interactions?
  • 2) Do you find it hard to talk in the presence of people you don't know well?
  • 3) Do you hardly talk in social situations?
  • 4) Are you always worried about making mistakes?
  • 5) Are you always thinking negatively about yourself in the presence of others?
  • 6) Do you always feel that people won't like you?

If you answered all of those questions with yes then probably you have a self inhibition problem.

Dealing with self inhibition

Self inhibition is all about thinking that something is wrong with you during social interactions and as a result performing poorly in them.

When you become too focused on your internal thoughts your brain power, cognitive abilities and your social skills will get greatly degraded. The result of this would be performing poorly during those social situations and becoming even more self inhibited.

So how can someone end this self inhibition problem?
Here is what you need to do:

  • 1) Monitor your self-talk: The first step required to end self inhibition is to understand it. Your self-talk is going to provide you with the right clues on what's taking place inside your head during social interactions. See Monitoring your self talk
  • 2) Identify the major causes: Behind any self inhibition problem there will usually be another problem such as shyness, feelings of inferiority, self confidence problems, perfectionism or a problem with your social skills. Determining the root cause of your self inhibition is an essential step towards getting rid of it. See How to improve your social skills and make friends
  • 3) Deal with the specific cause: There is no one-size-fits-all soloution for self inhibition. The action plan you will need to come with will depend greatly on the root cause you found. If for example you found that you are self inhibited because you are a perfectionist then you will need to deal with perfectionism. See How perfectionism holds you back
  • 4) Develop your social skills: At the core of self inhibition can lie the lack of social skills. When you won't really know what to do or what to say in a social situation you will certainly become self inhibited. See How to develop social skills

Solve your long term problems

Self inhibition can also result from unsolved problems that you aren't dealing with. In my previous article How to stop checking things over and over i said that your mind will always keep reminding you of your unsolved problems as long as you are not dealing with them.

When you leave a long term problem without trying to handle it you will become self inhibited since your mind will always remind you of that problem every now and then. The best soloution to this problem in such a case is dealing with whatever problems you are facing as soon as possible.

Self inhibition is not a serious problem but it might be an indication that another serious problem already exists. The best thing you can to yourself to end self inhibition is to follow the steps mentioned above starting now.

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