How to keep your self confidence up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can self confidence be maintained?

I am pretty sure you noticed that your self confidence changes from one day to another. In my previous article Why your self confidence levels change everyday i said that self confidence levels are not constant for every situation that you go through can either add or subtract from your self confidence.

Now the problem is that many of the situations we face everyday are actually negative and so without doing the proper actions your self confidence levels might keep going lower everyday.

A rejection that you got or even an imagined one can lower your self confidence all of a sudden. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that so many people see things incorrectly because of a distorted perception then end up having lower confidence.

In other words bad situations aren't the only thing that can lower your confidence for your perception can simply do the same thing just because you aren't seeing the world well. See Why do people see the world differently

This brings us to the very important question. How can someone keep his level of confidence no matter what he goes through?

How to keep your self confidence up

The short answer to the previous question is : maintaining the right habits.
Habits are repetitive tasks that we do everyday like brushing our teeth or drinking coffee in the morning. And just like there are bad habits there are also good habits that can help in maintaining our self confidence levels.

In other words by developing the right set of positive habits you will be able to neutralize the effect of the bad situations and the perception errors that lower your confidence. So what are those positive habits?

  • 1) Always reminding yourself of your good qualities: In my previous article How confident people think i said that confident people always have positive a self-talk in their minds and as a result their self confidence is always elevated no matter what happens to them
  • 2) Keeping a success journal: A success journal is a small paper or set of papers where you keep a record of your important achievements , the good skills you have and even the people who like you. By keeping such a journal and reading it often your self confidence will always be up. See 100 signs that someone likes you
  • 3) Healthy analysis of bad events: The meaning you give to a certain event will determine whether this event will lower your self confidence , keep it the same or even increase it. Once you learn how to analyze things properly and see them from the proper angle you will end up with more confidence. See How incorrect perception affects self confidence
  • 4)Recover fast and move on: If you remained in the helpless phase after a rejection or any kind of loss then your self esteem will become lower and lower. Stand up, get over it, promise yourself that you are going to get something better then move on. Those small decisions will help your subconscious mind realize that you value yourself and so you are very likely to get your self confidence back in shape
  • 5) Stay around those who lift you up: I am pretty sure you have some good friends who believe in you. Stay around those people for the positive feedback coming from them can neutralize the negative feedback coming from other sources

Final words about self confidence

Self confidence isn't constant and even if it went up it can still go down if the proper habits weren't adopted. Learn those proper habits and stick to them to make sure that your self confidence will always remain up.

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