How to know if someone likes you on Facebook

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to know if someone likes you on Facebook

Since i learned the proper psychology of love techniques i started attracting many people to me. This doesn't mean that i am special by any means but the fact that those techniques are very effective guaranteed that at any point of time i have a good number of people who like me.

Because one of the best things i do is observe and analyze behaviour i started to analyze how the people who like me behaved. Then i expanded the analysis to watch the behaviour of people who like others until i found the right pattern that can tell you whether someone on your Facebook in interested in you or not.

I will give the same warning i have to give before writing any kind of those articles. Don't mess around, don't use this information to attract people you aren't interested in and don't pursue someone unless you want to have a serious long term relationship with them, please!

Signs that show that someone likes you on Facebook

  • 1) Private messages with excuses: A person who likes you will do their best to find any excuse to talk to you. If they didn't find a good reason to do it they might come up with lame excuses just to start a conversation with you.
  • 2) Increased frequency of likes: While normal friends or people who like your posts might like your posts often still the ones who like you might go lengths in doing that. One important thing to note in here is that some people try to do the opposite to hide their intentions. Those people are usually the ones who have bigger egos and they will usually make very calculated moves including picking the right time to like a post. See also 100 signs that someone likes you.
  • 3) Taking your opinion often: A pattern that i noticed which was common among more than 90% of the people who liked me is that they always wanted to take my opinion about things even when i wasn't specialized in those things
  • 4) Excessive praise: When people have emotions for someone they sometimes can't handle those emotions. Suppressed emotions always leak out at some point in different ways. One of the ways such emotions leak out is in the form of excessive praise
  • 5) Post reactions: Those who like you have a lot of suppressed emotions. One of the things that allows those people to release some of their suppressed emotions are the Facebook new reactions. Those who like you might not just click like your posts but they will use the other reactions , like the heart or the laughing face.
  • 6) Liking older posts: I am not talking about posts you made 2 years ago for only naive people do that but i am talking about posts you made a week or 10 days ago. What happens here is that the person who likes you visits your profile page often and checks for posts you made in the past few days. See also Body language love signals
  • 7) Chat window signs: In a different post i talked about the signs that show that someone likes you that can be seen in a chat window. Basically over excitement will appear in the person's frequency of replying and in the overuse of keyboard letters
  • 8) Prolonged conversations: When a person who likes you chats with you they will do the best to extend the time of the conversation. This could lead to more questions and more topics
  • 9) Commenting in private messages: Many of the people who like you will choose to comment on some of your posts in a private message hoping that they can continue the private conversation
  • 10) Overreaction: You got a tiny injury in your toe? You will get an exaggerated response then from the one who likes you. The people who like you will always take advantage of any insignificant event just to keep in touch with you

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