How to know if you have a chance with your crush

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you always have a chance

The more you misunderstand love the more you will think that you don't have a chance with someone who currently doesn't like you. If you believe that love is a mysterious force that can't be explained then probably you will believe that you need a great deal of luck to attract someone to you.

When you read about the psychology of love however you will realize that any person can fall in love with you provided that the right steps are taken. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that love happens when we meet someone who meets our unconscious criteria or the items in in our love map.

This means that you if managed to understand someone's love map then show them that you have the things they are looking for then certainly they are going to fall in love with you. See What is a love map

In simple words this means that you always have a chance no matter how complicated your situation is. The approach always works if done right and so all what you need to worry about is the execution.

Why if you are not their type

The biggest problem that might face you when you try to make someone like you is not being their type. While in some cases you can get away with that by showing the person that you meet most of the items in their love map still in other cases the person might be too attracted to a certain type that they might refuse to change their preferences.

In other words if you knew that you match the type of your crush then you have a 100% chance of attracting them by targeting their love map. See How to know the type your crush likes.

But there is a trick in here. According to one personality type classification some people are considered visuals. Visual people give extremely high weight to looks that they will hardly ever change the type of person they like when it comes to looks. See The visual person & how to spot them

This is why it's extremely important to know whether the person you like is visual or not. If the person was visual then you need to try to figure out the type of person they like. If the person was not visual then you will be able to attract them for certain if you did the right things. See What to do if you are not her type & Why do some people have types.

How to know if you have a chance with your crush

Let's put the action plan into steps:

  • 1) Find out whether the person is visual or not: The first thing you need to do is to find whether the person you like is visual or not. If they are not visual then you already have a 100% chance but you just need to match their love maps perfectly. If you found that they are visual then go to step 2
  • 2) Determine their type: You can look at the past exes of the person to determine their type. Once you find the type you will be easily able to tell whether you are their type or not. If you are not their type then go to step 3. See Why we dislike the looks of some people
  • 3) Match their love maps: At this point you need to match most if not all if the items in your crush's love map then hope that they can overlook the type thing provided that the whole package is really good

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