How to know the type your crush likes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people have types

There is no doubt that people have different tastes when it comes to physical attraction. We all know that humans have types and that they tend to find certain types of people much more attractive than the other types. See also Physical attraction psychology.

But the interesting question i have for you here is, is it possible to know someone's type?
Or is it possible to know the physical looks someone might prefer?

The short answer is yes for you can do that using psychology.

In my previous article why do people have types i said that various factors including the relationship with the parents, the people we met in the past, our personal beliefs and many other factors determine the type of person we will find attractive.

When it comes to understanding human nature you have to always keep in mind that so many factors come together to provide the motivation for a single behaviour. In psychology you can't simply say that because one factor is present then a specific outcome will be found.

Instead you have to look at the various factors together and see if more than one factor is pushing the person in the same direction. See How to analyze someone's behavior

How to know the type your crush likes

Based on the previous information you can put more than one thing together and end up with a visual representation of the type of person your crush is looking for. Here is how you can do that:

  • 1) Find the facial features your crush is proud of: If your crush is proud of having a certain facial feature, let's say blue eyes, then there is a very high possibility that this facial feature will be highly appreciated by your crush. This doesn't mean that your crush will only like people with blue eyes but it means that they are at an advantage. See also Why do we like certain people
  • 2) Find the facial features your crush is dissatisfied with: If your crush is dissatisfied with one of their facial features , let's say their nose shape, then they are very likely to get repelled by such a facial feature. In such a case your crush will prefer someone who doesn't have a similar facial feature to theirs. See why ugly people like me
  • 3) Find out how the opposite-sexed parent of your crush looks like: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the relationship with the opposite-sexed parent usually determines how we choose our life partners. If your crush has a good relationship with that opposite-sexed parent then probably they would prefer someone who looks like that parent. The opposite is also true
  • 4) Find out the celebrities your crush likes: The celebrities your crush likes will give you a powerful idea about the ideal type of partner your crush is looking for. See also Do likes attract
  • 5) Find out how the exes of your crush looked like: Once you know how the exes of your crush looked like you can build an assumption about the physical type your crush is attracted to. See also Why your ex liked someone uglier than you
  • 6) Combine everything: Once you combine all of the previous factors together you can actually come up with a picture of the type of person your crush is most likely to get attracted to

Don't worry, you always have a chance

So what if you realized that your crush gets attracted to a type that is totally different than yours?
In such a case you still don't have to worry. In my book The psychology of physical attraction i explained how people can still get attracted to the ones who are not their type provided that their important needs are satisfied in a different way than looks.

In other words, people look for certain types because they believe that those types have certain qualities. If you managed to show those qualities to your crush then you will still attract them even if you are not their type.

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