How to make money doing nothing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can you make money doing nothing?

There is no doubt that hard work is the most important thing if you are serious about making money. But the good news i have for you is that the hard work part can be done first then after that part is done you can actually make lots of money by doing nothing.

I have a friend who is interested in dogs. That guy has many Facebook pages related to dogs with massive number of following. This guy makes a good amount of money from his pages by literally doing nothing. He just schedules the important posts one week ahead then throughout the week the posts bring people to his site where he makes money from ads without lifting a finger.

The good news i have for you is that in the internet economy it is actually possible to make money without doing an effort provided that you have done a good amount of effort initially. Today so many bloggers , and people i personally know, make very good amounts of money by just blogging every now and then about the things they like.

Those people worked hard in the beginning to get followers and grow their blogs then after that almost everything became automated.

Making money by doing nothing

This doesn't stop here. There are famous Youtubers who are making very large amounts of money by posting few videos per week. I think you agree with me that creating few videos per week is actually considered doing nothing compared to the real tough jobs. See also Tips to make money online.

But let's take the scope of doing nothing beyond the internet as well. Let's suppose that you managed to make some money then invested this money in a good company. In such a case the company's management and the employees will be doing the work for you while you will be collecting cash.

I spent sometime in my life making money from stocks and during that period the amount of effort i used to do was considered less compared to the serious work i did in the different jobs i tried. See also The investment psychology section.

What i am trying to tell you is that once you reach a certain point you can make passive income without actually doing anything. But again in order to do this you need to do some good effort in the beginning.

The practical plan

I am pretty sure you are now waiting for the practical plan you should follow in order to make money with the least effort. Here you are:

  • 1) Find a field that can lead to passive income: The first step you should do is finding a field that can lead to passive income one day. You can't choose something such as becoming a petroleum engineer because probably that's something that will require you to work hard as long as you are doing the job. Once you find that thing know that you are done with step one
  • 2) Work really hard: You can't achieve passive income without working really hard in the beginning. Let's suppose that you decided to have a blog. In such a case you need to work really hard for a year or two before you can see any results. See how i created a successful blog
  • 3) Automate & delegate everything: Once your business succeeds start automating everything and delegating whatever you can delegate to others. You will probably end up with very little work to do or even no work at all while money will still be flowing in

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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