How to spot a narcissist on social media

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to spot a narcissist on social media

This article is part two of my article how to spot a narcissist. In my first article i explained how you can spot a narcissist by watching out for some of their common behaviour.

This article will focus solely on telling you how to spot a narcissist on social networks by watching out for some common signs. If you haven't read part one of this article you might want to check it quickly before you proceed.

The signs to look for

  • 1) More likely to use Instagram or Twitter: While Narcissists use all kinds of social networks they are more likely to be drawn to social networks that have the following/followers model. Narcissists want to feel that people like them, follow them and idolize them and this is why this model allures them. See Why do narcissists like twitter and Instagram
  • 2) They enable followers on Facebook: If a Narcissist is active on Facebook then they might enable followers just to bring the model they love to the social network they use often.
  • 3) They share too frequently: Narcissists can hardly get enough of the Narcissistic supply and this is why they keep posting very often. A Narcissist will have an endless desire to be praised and admired and this is why they will keep posting over and over. See Do Narcissists hate being ignored?
  • 4) They take too many selfies: One of the signs that shows that a person is a Narcissist is taking too many selfies. Because Narcissists are too focused on their own self they will usually post more selfies than regular people. Note that this sign alone can't tell you whether someone is a Narcissist or not. See also How the angle of a picture affects your attractiveness
  • 5) They picture is focused on them: Narcissists usually take pictures that are extremely focused on them instead of the others, the back ground or the environment. Since Narcissists love attention most of their pictures will be too focused on them. See Why narcissists look so good and young
  • 6) Too many solo pictures: Every normal person have got some solo pictures of themselves on their social media accounts but when it comes to Narcissists those pictures are usually the dominant theme. By taking many of those pictures Narcissists try to tell you that they are the only thing that matters. How narcissists manipulate you
  • 7) Harsh response to Comments : Narcissists can be very harsh when replying to some comments especially if it was a criticism. If a Narcissist felt that you are disrespecting them then they will get an extremely strong desire to revenge, fueled by their big ego, which might motivate them to humiliate you in public
  • 8) Immediate blocking: Narcissist are the types of people who will block you or unfriend you before you even notice. For Narcissists any kind of disrespect, according to their own standards, is totally intolerable. Once a Narcissist believes you disrespected them they might block you or unfriend you. See Why are narcissists so dangerous
  • 9) Too many high-low posts: High-low posts are posts that put someone in a high position , obviously the Narcissist, and others in a low position. Posts that make fun of groups of people, that criticize their behaviour in a harsh way and that convey that the person is superior to them are popular types of Narcissistic posts
  • 10) They have a large number of friends: Some people are social by nature and so they have many friends but when it comes to Narcissists things are a bit different. Narcissists always try to keep meeting new people in order to find new fans and followers. This usually results in making Narcissists on top when it comes to the number of friends they have on social networks. See Why Narcissists hate you
  • 11) They use more than one social network: Narcissists are more likely to use more than one social network than normal people. Narcissists are obsessed by attention and because of that they might end up using more than one social media platform
  • 12) They are obsessed with checking: Narcissists are usually overly obsessed with social networks. This motivates them to become obsessive checkers of their own accounts. See also How social media can ruin your body image
  • 13) Extensive photo-editing: Narcissists' ultimate goal is to get people's attention. This desire motivates Narcissists to make extensive editing for their photos in order to end up getting more interactions. In addition to that Narcissists do so to maintain the identity of being superior and desirable. See How your name affects your looks

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