How to spot mentally ill people and psychopaths

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The sick psychopath

The sadist, the psychopath, the narcissist and the sick person.
Those are the types of mentally ill people i am going to talk about in this article. Note that this article doesn't talk about mental illnesses, which are the psychological disorders normal people develop, but it's all about mentally sick people who can be classified as psychopaths.

I usually spot a psychopath in few minutes. One phrase that this person says or one strange action that this person does can easily help me identify whether this person is a psychopath or not.

In this article i will tell you how to identify those mentally unstable people so that you never bring them close to you.

How to spot mentally ill people and psychopaths

  • 1) The experience Intense jealousy: All humans experience the feelings of jealousy, those feelings don't make anyone a bad person. But when those emotions become very intense that they motivate the person to try to harm the ones they are jealous of then make sure that this person is mentally unstable. As you might have guessed i get many questions everyday from readers of the website. Sometimes a smart psychopath sends me a message that seems to be containing a question but the underlying goal of the message is to put me down. This is always a clear sign of intense jealousy. Beware of the people who don't clap when you succeed and those who try to put you down while acting like they aren't. See What causes jealousy
  • 2) They try to hurt you with words: A psychopath might come as a close charming friend but as they act like they are trying to give you advice they can select the words that will harm you the most. I once had a coaching client who had severe racist tendencies. Each time she sends a question she adds a recent remark in between the lines. Because those people feel totally worthless they try to put any person down in order to feel good about themselves. See Inferiority complex psychology
  • 3) They seek vengeance ruthlessly: A sane and a normal person can still feel like they want to avenge themselves but a psychopath will go lengths when doing that. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that This is usually a sign of egotism, narcissism and imaginary inflated self importance that results from intense feelings of inferiority. The person feels totally worthless and thus they tries to exaggerate their importance in order to feel better
  • 4) They are very inconsistent: I once met a person who claimed to be very religious. He even grew a beard to make himself look more like a religious person. Up until here there were no warning signs. During my friend conversation with that person he kept bad mouthing others and putting them down in their absence. Because psychopaths lie, cheat and deceive they usually display very inconsistent behavior
  • 5) They suppress their hatred: There was a guy that i knew very well. Whenever i saw this guy i met him with a big smile on my face, just like i always do with the people i know. One day the guy frowned in my face for no reason. He then started repeating the same behaviour during different encounters. I knew at this moment that this guy had psychopathic tendencies but because i knew him well i just decided to give him a chance to prove the opposite. Then one day i found a very insulting comment on my Facebook wall written by that person. The explanation i had is that this guy started hating me, maybe because of jealousy, but never displayed it. At one point he exploded and it became evident that he is a psychopath. See The body language of a hater
  • 6) Their hatred show in their tongue slips: A psychopath might act like they are your friends but deep inside they might hate you. I once saw a person laughing madly at a bad joke that put one of their friends down. I suspected that this person is a mentally unstable one. Later on that person stopped talking to that friend and even made it clear that they hate them. A psychopath might try to act friendly but their tongue slips and uncontrolled emotions will easily expose them. See Are tongue slips and speech errors meaningful
  • 7) They will try to put you down: If you just met a person and they tried to put you down by their words, for no apparent reason, then know that probably they are mentally unstable. This happened with me once and i concluded that i was dealing with a mentally sick person. Later on this person started to display direct signs of hatred towards me even though i barely knew them. See Why are some people full of hate
  • 8) They have little empathy: A psychopath will usually have very little if no empathy towards others or towards certain groups of people. This is why racism could be one side of psychopathy. A psychopath can hurt others and never feel guilty, they can have a very dark sense of humor and they might laugh at others misfortunes. Have you seen those popular Gifs where a person suffers from a horrible accident and then people laugh? Beware of those who laugh at those Gifs. See Why do people like dark humor
  • 9) They are antisocial: Many people are shy while others lack social skills. But in the end if someone smiled to you and was nice you will automatically smile back at them and be nice. Beware of those who respond to kindness with antisocial behaviour
  • 10) They gossip a lot: Intense hatred and jealousy create a serious emotional burden. One of the ways mentally ill people use to release this emotional burden is gossiping. Do you know this kind of hateful gossiping people sometimes use? That could be a serious sign of mental instability. See Why do people gossip

Never judge people fast

While i have almost spotted every psychopath i met in the first few minutes still i never acted based on that and i only considered my conclusion to be just a theory.

Instead i just became cautious when dealing with those people until things unfold and i am proven right. In short don't judge people fast but always beware of those who display many of those signs.

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