How to start over again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why it's important to rise again

No matter how strong or smart you are life can still put you down and keep you on the ground for some time. When that happens some people break, lose hope and become helpless.

In my article When you get defeated on the unconscious level i said that even though some people don't give up they just get broken from the inside and so they don't manage to fight back properly.

This is why it's very important that you learn how to stand up again and to start over when things go wrong. For that skill can certainly help you a lot on your path to success in life.

How to start over again

So how can you start over again after failing or after things go wrong?
Here are the actions you need to do:

  • 1) Detach yourself from the past After facing hardship so many people cling to the past that they become trapped in it. Analyzing what happened over and over, thinking about what went wrong and having no hope for the future are all signs that you are too attached to the past that. This kind of backward thinking keeps people trapped and prevents them from ever looking at the future. If you want to stand up again then you need to put the past behind your back and focus on what is yet to come. See What causes backward thinking
  • 2) Fix your belief system: After failures and hard times it's so common for people to develop very negative beliefs that keep them trapped. If you truly want to start over then you must flush your negative beliefs and realize that everything is still possible. You need to get rid of those beliefs and focus on strengthening the positive ones you already have. See Why do people develop false beliefs
  • 3) End helplessness: Once a person fails and develops negative beliefs they become helpless. This helplessness keeps people trapped and prevents them from ever trying again. And even if they tried they would be feeling defeated from the inside and this might prevent success from happening. In order to start over you need to decide that you will take control of your life and end this helplessness you have been living in.
  • 4) Make a choice: Sometimes feeling defeated is all about choosing not to get up. In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that When you make a choice, whether it's good or bad, your subconscious mind will help you stick to it. Choose to be broken and you will find hundreds of excuses to support your decision. Your selective perception will also make you collect the evidence that will support that wrong choice. Now choose to fight and everything will also support your decision.
  • 5) Forget about your old methods: So you have tried many things and they didn't work. It makes a lot of sense that you come up up with a totally fresh plan. You need to focus on new ways and methods that you haven't tried before in order to get new results
  • 6) Make fast serious changes: In order for your mind to recover from defeat you need to send strong and powerful signals that tell it that you are still there and that you did not give up. Making serious changes to your life fast might be the needed trigger to spark hope again. And once you have hope you will be able to rise again and continue the fight
  • 7) Remind yourself of your previous successes: When you remind yourself of the good things you did in the past you actually tell your subconscious mind indirectly that you are capable of succeeding. Even if you don't have any achievements just remind yourself of the moments you were strong, the moments where you chose to fight and the moments where you stood up again after failing. See How to stand up after falling

Never give up

You started a fight because some things really matter to you.
And no matter how you try to run away from those things they will always find you simply because they are the things you care about the most in this life.

Get up , Forget about the past, look at the future and continue the fight.
Some people choose to be broken
You are not like that
How did i know?
Because you are now reading this.

You Chose to fight.

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