How to stay positive during hard times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Where do negative thoughts come from

Life can sometimes get really tough.
That's a fact that we all know.

And while you might be doing your best to stay positive during those tough moments you might find yourself falling prey to negative thoughts and negative thinking patterns.

In order for you to be able to get over those negative thoughts you first need to understand where they come from. Negative thoughts come from negative beliefs.

Once you develop a negative belief about something then probably you are going to get many negative thoughts related to that belief. See also Where do automatic negative thoughts come from.

Some people mistakenly think that negative thoughts themselves are the problem but in fact negative thoughts can just be a reflection of a bigger problem with is the negative beliefs that you developed.

How to stay positive during hard times

So how can you stay positive during hard and tough times?

  • 1) Question negative beliefs: You need to question the negative beliefs you developed and question them instead of accepting them as facts. Whenever you get a negative thought try to find out the negative belief behind it then start questioning the negative belief itself. When you do so you will shake the foundations of the negative thoughts from the core. See Changing negative core beliefs
  • 2) Search for the abandoned positive thoughts: Let's agree on something. No matter how hard life seems to be there will still be some positive theories that you are ignoring on intention because you are too busy thinking negatively. I am not asking you not to be realistic but i am just asking you to be fair. Why consider all of the bad possibilities without at least taking into account the positive ones? See How to think positively
  • 3) Find your source of hope: No matter what your background is i am pretty sure you have something that can give you a little more faith. Search for this thing and find it. Make this part stronger so that it gives you the positive energy you need to keep moving forward. See How to have faith in your plans
  • 4) Develop solid plans and follow them: Positive thinking doesn't come out of the blue. Just as negative thoughts come from negative beliefs positive thoughts also come from positive beliefs. When you create a new plan that you trust and when you start to follow it then you will probably develop new positive beliefs. Those new positive beliefs can help you stay positive in those tough times. See why you should write a plan.
  • 5) Recall your past victories: Sometimes negative thoughts emerge as a result of a self confidence problem. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that once you lose faith in your abilities and self then probably you are going to become a negative thinker. I am pretty sure you made some kind of a victory before even if it was small. Recalling those past victories can help you find your old self and develop more faith in your abilities
  • 6) Find any positive source: Just like life is full of negativity there are also some good positive sources out there that you can use to recharge yourself. Meet positive people, stay around positive friends, watch positive videos, listen to positive speeches or find any other positive source that you can make use of. You should also stay away from all negative sources in order to help yourself stay positive. See also how to attract positive energy in negative situations
  • 7) Think forward: Backward thinking is one of the primary causes of negative thoughts. As long as you are obsessed about the past and as long as you can't think about the future then you will stay negative. Learn how to let go of the past so that you can look at the future and develop the new life you always wanted to develop.

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