How to stop watching bad stuff

How bad videos affect you

In my previous articles How porn ruins relationships and The bad psychological effects of masturbation i explained how porn and masturbation addiction can cause serious harm to your mood, relationships and life.

Even if you do not think that porn is wrong you will still be altering your brain chemicals in a bad way that will affect your mood and personality negatively. The good news i have for you , if you are tried of doing this, is that there is a way out of this bad habit.

In this article i will tell you about some powerful tips that will help you stop watching bad videos.

Get rid of reminders

The internet today is different than how it was years ago. Nowadays most websites can know about your preferences through the shared database of advertisers. This is why you might see an ad related to a site that you visited before on a site that you visit for the first time.

This is why you might all of a sudden come across a trigger that reminds you of the bad videos you saw. In order to stop watching bad videos you need to make sure that you eliminate all cookie data from your device so that you never encounter something that you don't want to see accidentally.

As you might have already noticed many porn sessions begin accidentally when you come across something that you weren't planning to see. See also tips to prevent porn addiction.

Widen your definition of triggers

Some people think that getting aroused happens when they visit a bad site or when they see a bad video but the process can actually happen much earlier when you see a certain Facebook post, an Instagram picture or a provoking commercial.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that the only way to keep yourself away of bad videos is to widen the scope of triggers by understanding that many of the things that seem harmless can actually push you in the wrong direction.

Do your best to avoid all kinds of triggers including the ones that might seem harmless.

Get rid of anything you saved

I want you to do this little experiment. Decide that you are not going to drink coke then keep a can of coke in your line of sight and within your reach. You will realize that even if you are feeling full you will still be taking a sip every now and then.

The easier it is for you to access bad videos the more you are going to watch them over and over. Get rid of any saved videos, histories, pictures or links so that you make the process harder for you. Why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire.

Understand the craving cycle

So many people mistakenly think that if they craved something then the intense feelings will remain there forever. In fact after the craving for watching something bad reaches its peak it slowly goes down until your feelings return back to normal without doing anything.

In other words you are not going to live with those cravings forever and the next day you might find yourself not interested in watching what you were dying to watch today. See Watching porn increases sexual frustration.

Make your life interesting

In many cases people try to create some kind of artificial excitement by watching bad videos because their lives are dull and not exciting. If you want to get over this habit for good then you need to work on making your life interesting and exciting.

Fix your life, improve your social skills, develop meaningful relationships and end loneliness. All of those tips can help you become a more outgoing person.

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