10 signs someone has trust issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- They display less emotions

People who have trust problems usually fear exposing themselves to others. Those people might find it very hard to express their emotions because they think it makes them vulnerable.

Those people might come up as cold, unfriendly or even anti-social. It's not abnormal for people who have trust issues to have a poker face all the time.

2- They are always suspicious

People who have serious trust problems are usually very suspicious of the actions of other people. Our fears sometimes make us see threats through a magnified lens. For a scared person any unexplained action becomes a threat and uncertainty is always given a negative meaning.

In my article How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception i said that wrong beliefs can make people see the world from a very wrong angle.

3- They avoid human interactions

People who have trust issues might avoid human interactions and end up being lonely. It's not uncommon for a person with serious trust issues to live in total social isolation.

In such a case the person believes they are protecting themselves from the bad humans they might encounter. See also Fear of trusting people

4- They seem unwelcoming

A person who doesn't trust people easily might actually try to push them away by being unwelcoming. Those people might act unfriendly on intention in order to push away someone they don't know well.

This is just an act of protection that those people use in order to keep themselves safe from others. See Why are some people unfriendly

5- They are very sensitive to some cues

Were you ever talking to someone normally and all of a sudden the person got very sad and defensive without you accusing them of anything?

When people develop trust issues they become very sensitive to certain cues that might show that someone might not be trust worthy. The problem that happens in such a case is that in many cases those cues are imagined and not real. See also Why do people see the world differently

6- They get many of your words wrong

What do you mean?
What did you mean by that?

Sounds familiar right? People respond with such statements when you indirectly touch one of their psychological wounds. Because people who have trust issues are wounded people they can get many of your words wrong as a result of their faulty perception. See How incorrect perception affects self confidence .

7- They might hate you for nothing

A person can make conclusions about you, develop strong negative emotions towards you and even hate you without you doing anything wrong. The wrong calculations people who have trust issues make can force them to hate someone without that person doing anything wrong.

8- They avoid relationships

Fear of trusting people can also lead to fear of intimacy. In such a case a person might feel like avoiding romantic relationships just not to get hurt.

Lack of courage to face uncertainty can motivate those people to stay away from relationships for long periods of time. See also 7 Reasons some men stay single

9- They won't delegate tasks

People might not want to delegate tasks to others for various reasons but one common reason is lack of trust. When a person develops trust issues they fear losing control to any other person and this is why they hardly delegate any tasks to them.

10- They become introverts

Introversion can sometimes be a personality disorder and not a personality trait. Instead of opening up to others a person might decide to lock themselves up in their own internal world by becoming introverts. See also The relationship between introversion and depression

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