How to tell if someone is interested in your conversation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are they interested?

I am pretty sure you sometimes feel that someone is not that interested in the stories you are telling. The problem with depending on your intuition or gut feeling to make such a conclusion is that your negative beliefs, negative thoughts and psychological wounds will strongly affect your perception and let you see things incorrectly. See also Should i trust my intuition.

This is why it's extremely important to know about some signs that can let you know whether someone wants you to continue talking or not.

In this article i will tell you about many of those signs so that you know when to continue talking and when to stop.

Signs someone is not that interested in the conversation

  • 1) Yawning: Yawning is one of the body language signs that shows lack of interest. Don't get this wrong and mistakenly conclude that you are a boring person. Yawning can simply indicate that someone is not interested in the current topic. See the body language of boredom
  • 2) Short answers: Short answers are among the strong signs of lack of interest. Yes a person might respond with a short answer once or twice but they won't keep doing it if they are interested in the conversation. See How to Know if Someone Is Interested in You Through Chatting
  • 3) Darting eyes: It's so normal that people don't maintain eye contact all the time but if the background behind you became much more interesting to the person than your talk then probably the person isn't really that interested in your conversation. If the person kept checking out the things around them all the time then they might not be that interested. See also How can you tell if someone likes you by their eyes
  • 4) Not facing you with their bodies: If a person is not that interested in the conversation then they are not going to face you properly while standing. This means that the person's body will be either shifted to the left or to the right and one of their toes would be pointing away from you. See The state of interest in body language
  • 5) Playing with objects: If the person is not that interested in the conversation then they might start playing with the objects around them or in their pockets. This also includes checking their phones often

How to tell if someone is interested in your conversation

So those were the signs of lack of interest. What about the signs of interest?

Here you go:

  • 1) Tilting their head: Tilting the head to one of the sides is one of the strongest signs of interest in the conversation. If the person rested their chins on one of their hands while tilting their heads then that's an even stronger sign
  • 2) Responding with questions or long answers: If a person is interested in a conversation then they will probably respond with questions or long answers. In such a case the person will want you to keep talking
  • 3) Smiling: When a person is interested in a conversation they might smile. The more the person smiles the more they might be interested in the conversation. Note that the absence of smiling doesn't indicate lack of interest. See Fake vs genuine smiling

  • 4) Higher than usual eye contact: When a person gets interested in a conversation they are usually going to look more at you. This doesn't mean that the person has to keep staring at you but they will look at you more often when they are interested in your talk
  • 5) Leaning forward in chair: One of the powerful signs of interest in a conversation is leaning forward in chair. Leaning backward doesn't mean that the person is not interested but certainly leaning forward indicates more interest

What to do when you find someone losing interest

Don't get anxious if you realized that someone is not interested in a conversation. It's a totally normal thing that different topics appeal to different people. All you need to do is to change the topic and find whether the person has changed their response or not.

If each time you talk the person shows lack of interest then in such a case the person might not be in the right mood at that specific point of time.

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