How to treat anxiety without medication - No nonsense advice

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why nonsense advice never work

Imagine going to a doctor after breaking your arm only to find him recommending that you scream out loud in order to end the pain or to even dedicate some free time to experience the pain.

This sounds like total nonsense right?
Of course it does. Your arm is broken and so it needs to be treated in order for the pain to go away for good.

This is exactly how almost everyone who gives advice about dealing with anxiety and worrying thinks.
They ask you to exercise, free some worrying time, keep yourself busy, ignore your worries , meditate & just command your mind to stop worrying.

You don't need to be a psychologist to realize that this is total nonsense. If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from serious worrying and anxiety then probably you already know very well that all of those things can never help. See Why nonsense advice never helps with worrying.

You have been doing those things for years and yet your worrying problem is still the same.
But do you know why this is happening?

Because you are doing everything but the one thing you should be doing.
Because all of the advice you have been given over the past years asks you to ignore the problem instead of motivating you to solve it.

Why your worries and anxieties never went away

Your brain was designed to send you important signals in the form of emotions whenever something goes wrong. When your brain starts to get very concerned about something then it's going to send you some anxiety emotions in order to motivate you to give that important life area some extra attention. See Why worrying is not pointless

Let's suppose that you started worrying about your future because there was a risk of being jobless. Now here is exactly what is going to happen when you apply some of the traditional advice:

  • Nonsense advice #1 - Dedicating some worrying time: When you do that you will feel even more worried because you will remind yourself of your problems without actually offering any solutions to your brain. This method is either going to make you feel worse or just leave you feeling worried. See Worrying results from doubts about your problem solving skills
  • Nonsense advice #2 - Push away the negative thoughts: Just imagine having a broken arm then trying to push away the pain because you don't think that it makes sense. The only thing that will happen in here is that your brain will respond back with more pain to motivate you to heal your arm. See Where do emotions come from?
  • Nonsense advice #3 - Keep yourself busy: Imagine being lost in the desert with no food for days then trying to keep yourself busy in order not to feel hungry. In such a case if you applied this strategy you will certainly die because the only thing your brain needs right now is food. See Why keeping yourself busy when facing a problem never works

I do not need to list all of the nonsense advice because i believe you already got what i am trying to say. All of the common advice given by people regarding anxiety has one single purpose which is distracting you from finding a real soloution to the real problem.

How to treat anxiety without medication

So how to truly treat anxiety without medication?
First of all you must understand that your brain is very concerned about something that it keeps reminding you of it over and over.

Secondly know that your brain doesn't take no for answers. Unless you find a way to fix the problem or a plan that you believe in then the anxiety will keep haunting you.

In the example i described above your brain wants you to move, find another job, save more money, improve your skills, enhance your chance to find a job or to even start your own business.

Your brains wants a real life soloution that could help you face that bad threat it's thinking about. Your brain is feeling unsafe and it demands strong actions to feel safe.

And you are just responding with meditation, exercising and dedicated time for worrying.
This is why your anxiety never went away.
Full stop.

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