How your beliefs affect your looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people look differently

Why do married couples start looking like each other after some time?
Why do depressed people start to look different after some time?
Why our looks change as the time passes?

I am pretty sure you noticed that people's looks keep changing all the time and no i am not referring to aging. I am pretty sure you knew a person who had certain looks then in a short period of time this person looked differently.

While genetics determine how we look like to a great extent there are still some other less known factors that can affect the way we look.

And as you might have already guessed, one of those factors is your beliefs. See also The face and personality connection

How your beliefs affect your looks

There are various direct and indirect ways in which your beliefs can have a direct impact on your physical looks. Here are some of them:

  • 1) The muscles you use often change your looks: If you use certain facial muscles often then your resting face will probably change its shape because of the permanent change in the shape of those muscles. This is why some people might start to develop an angry or even an anxious look. Whenever you get really emotional you are slowly impacting how your overall looks look like. So what does this have to do with beliefs? Your beliefs are one of the most important factors determining your emotional reactions to the different situations you face. In other words your beliefs change your emotional reactions and your emotional reactions in turn change your face. See How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception.
  • 2) Your self concept changes your looks: The self concept is the belief or the set of beliefs that you have about yourself. Some people think of themselves as winners while others think of themselves as losers. Some people think that they deserve to look good and based on that self concept they take extra care of themselves that their looks actually change to the better. See Why narcissists look so good and young
  • 3) Your personality affects your looks: Your personality and the way you react to certain life events usually ends up changing the shape of your face as well. This is one reason why face reading can be used to read personalities trough facial features. See also Learning Face reading
  • 4) Your expectations of yourself affect your looks: In my previous article How your name affects your looks i explained how any kind of expectations that you have of yourself, including the expectations others set for you, can affect your physical looks over a long period of time.

Do you want to look good?

In my previous article Changing/Improving Your Looks Without Plastic Surgery i said that by doing the right things you can end up looking much better without doing any kind of surgery.

Do you want to look really good?
Then start from the inside. Develop a better personality, more positive self-beliefs and a good self concept. If you did all of these things right then your face will probably follow.

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