How your clothes reflect your personality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Connecting the dots

I have said earlier that anything a person says, does, buys or likes reflects his personality. When i talked about analyzing people's personalities earlier i said that all you have to do to understand a person perfectly is to be able to connect the dots after observing this person for a while.

There is no doubt that clothes is one of the things that can reflect a person's personality but just like any other clue you can't depend on it alone to make a conclusion. You need to be able to connect the dots in order to be able to make a correct conclusion about a person.

Now that you know this i can safely move on to telling you how clothes could possibility reflects parts of a person's personality.

How your clothes reflect your personality

  • 1) Basic T-shirts: I personally have so many basic T-shirts that are almost identical. The first conclusion you should make about me is that i am an extremely practical person. If something works well then it is considered a good choice for me. This however doesn't mean that i don't care about looks for if i didn't like the looks of those T-shirts i wouldn't have bought them
  • 2) Solid colors: Some people only wear solid colors. You will hardly see those people wearing a stripped T-shirt for example. Those people are usually direct and to the point. Those might also be the people who see life in terms of black or white. Those people might dislike the ones who are not direct. See What causes all or nothing thinking
  • 3) Boots: Boots can tell you a lot of different things about a person. In many cases the ones who always wear boots are the ones who are concerned with power. Those people might also be concerned about showing to others that they are powerful. In addition to that people who wear boots are more likely to be adventurous since their boots give them a lot of flexibility. Compare this to a person who wears a white shoes for example where it would be impossible to move freely. See Why do bad boys wear leather jackets and boots.
  • 4) Jeans So many people wear jeans and they do it for various reasons. Some of the most popular reasons for wearing jeans are the love of freedom and practicality
  • 5) Hoodies: People who wear hoodies could want to appear mysterious, powerful or even superior to others. That person might also be feeling very special about himself that he wants to display this to others
  • 6) Branded clothes: People wear branded clothes for many reasons including wanting to belong to a certain social class, to display wealth or to fit it. See Why do people buy branded clothes
  • 7) Elegant clothes: We all have one of those friends who takes care of every little detail when choosing their clothes. This person will usually care about looks a lot and he is very likely to judge others based on looks. This person might also have high interest in details

Why things can have different meanings

The reason i stopped here is that i don't want you to believe that this is a kind of article where one plus one equals two. Psychology is very different from math and so you can't come up with a good conclusion unless you combine things together.

So if a guy was wearing a boot then this could give you so many different possibilities to look at but if this person was a gym addict and was also driving a big car then you should automatically assume that strength and power are very important things that this person is looking for or tying to display.

The possibilities become infinite when you look at clothes alone but when you start looking at other factors you will be able to reduce the number of possibilities until you single the right one out.

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