How your name affects your looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Yes it can happen

No this is not an article about how your name affects the way people see you but it's an article that shows how your name can change your actual physical looks.

As strange as this sounds it looks like this is another very interesting effect of psychology on people. Some research has suggested that a name a person is given at their birth can actually have an impact on their physical looks when they grow up.

In this article i will explain to you how your name could change your physical looks.

How your name affects your looks

In many of my previous article i spoke about the Self fulfilling prophecy. A self fulfilling prophecy happens when you start to believe in something so strongly that you start fulfilling it without noticing.

Your actions, your perception of the world and almost everything you do can change to support this self fulfilling prophecy you created. See How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception.

Now here is the interesting part, you don't have to set that Self fulfilling prophecy for yourself for others can set them for you. In my article How to curse someone using psychology i said that by setting a self fulfilling prophecy for a person you can actually change their lives if they believed you. Of course you should use this technique to create positive and good curses not bad ones.

Now do you know what is the biggest Self fulfilling prophecy our parents set for us?
Yes you got it right, the answer is our names.

The name you are given at birth acts like a Self fulfilling prophecy that affects your way of thinking, your behaviour and even your looks.

Buy how does my name change my looks?

It sounds very logical that a name could affect a person's behaviour. It makes sense that if a guy was called rich then he might get motivated to become rich to fulfill the prophecy.

But what about physical appearance?
Why would a name affect the physical looks of a person?

Here are some possible explanations:

  • 1) Your Personality changes your looks: When i talked about Face reading earlier i said that your personality can change your looks to a certain extent. So if your name can change your personality, through a self fulfilling prophecy, and your personality in turn can change your looks then your name can change your looks
  • 2) Your Facial muscles fulfill the prophecy: One interesting research has pointed out that our facial muscles could be changing our facial expressions to fulfill the prophecies our names have given us. A person with the name King could thus have a resting facial expression that reflects pride and royalty. See How your personality affects your level of attractiveness
  • 3) Your thoughts affect your facial features: The body and the mind are very tightly connected. A change in one of them always results in a change in the other one. According to one theory your thoughts, beliefs and ideas can slowly change your physical looks. This is another reason why face reading can predict personalities with a good level of accuracy.
  • 4) The Dorian-grey effect: The Dorian-grey effect is a psychological term borrowed from a novel about a guy called Dorian Grey who had so high expectations for himself that he made sure that he never looked old. The Dorian grey effect is a term used to explain how your own expectations of yourself can change your looks. If for example you think highly of your self then probably you are going to take care of your looks. This is one reason why narcissists seem so charming. See also Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive.

In short the expectations you set for yourself and the expectations people set for you can greatly affect your physical looks. And since your name sets lots of expectations for who you are and how you should behave it can end up changing your physical looks.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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